It Gets Me Going

It Gets Me Going


Sometimes I'm scratching at the back door
Waiting to be let out for five minutes
To take care of business
They don't always pay attention to my needs

Someone's laughing at the way I'll drop anything
I'm doing just to chase the things
They throw into a field
I'm going in ways that I can't explain

It gets me going in ways that I can't explain
Never grow tired of a routine that seldom changes

Sometimes when we're walking down the sidewalk
I wish I was fixed up so I didn't have all these feelings
That keep me in a permanent frustrated state

When you go out and you leave me in
I have hours to ponder, too many to fill
I feel myself going now in ways that I can't explain


My eyes are either filled with life or they're glazed over

Leave some space at the foot of your bed
So I can give you the protection you deserve
I feel much better knowing firsthand that you are safe


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