One More Night

One More Night


Try as he might, he's unable to speak
He grabs her by the hair, he strokes her on the cheek
The bed is unmade, like everything is
Dark little heaven at the top of the stairs
Take me like that, ruin it all
Then build it again, by the light in the hall
He drops to his knees, says, "Please, my love, please
I'll kill who you hate, take off that dress, you won't freeze"

One more night, that was a good one
One more night, I dreamed it was good one (one more)
One more night, that was a good one
One more night, the end should be a good one
A good one

He starts with her back, because that's what he sees
When she's breaking his heart, she still fucks like a tease
Release to the sky, look him straight in the eye
And tell him, right now, that you wish he would die
You'll never touch him again, so get what you can
Leaving him empty, just because he's a man
So good when it ends, they'll never be friends
One more night, thats all they can spend in

Written by COLLINS, PHIL
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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