The Lark In Morning - The Early Years
    • The Lark In Morning - The Early Years
    • Released in 2013
    • 33 Songs


    1A Calling-On SongSteeleye Span
    1The Lark In the MorningSteeleye Span
    2The BlacksmithSteeleye Span
    2Female DrummerSteeleye Span
    3Fisherman's WifeSteeleye Span
    3The KingSteeleye Span
    4The Blackleg MinerSteeleye Span
    4Lovely On the WaterSteeleye Span
    5Rave OnSteeleye Span
    5The Dark-Eyed SailorSteeleye Span
    6Copshawholme FairSteeleye Span
    6The Gower WassailSteeleye Span
    7Jigs: Paddy Clancey's Jig / Willie Clancey's FancySteeleye Span
    7All Things Are Quite SilentSteeleye Span
    8The Hills of GreenmoreSteeleye Span
    8Four Nights DrunkSteeleye Span
    9When I Was On HorsebackSteeleye Span
    9My Johnny Was a ShoemakerSteeleye Span
    10MarrowbonesSteeleye Span
    10Lowlands of HollandSteeleye Span
    11Twa CorbiesSteeleye Span
    11Captain CoulstonSteeleye Span
    12Reels: Dowd's Favourite / 10 Float / The Morning DewSteeleye Span
    12One Night As I Lay On My BedSteeleye Span
    13Wee WeaverSteeleye Span
    13The BlacksmithSteeleye Span
    14SkewballSteeleye Span
    14Cold, Haily, Windy NightSteeleye Span
    15General TaylorSteeleye Span
    15Jigs: Bryan O'Lynn / The Hag With the MoneySteeleye Span
    16Prince Charlie StuartSteeleye Span
    17Boys of BedlamSteeleye Span
    18False Knight On the RoadSteeleye Span

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