• Phases
    • Released in 2006
    • 50 Songs


    1Music for 18 Musicians: PulsesReich, Steve
    1Different Trains - America-Before the War (movement 1)Various Artists
    1You Are Wherever Your Thoughts AreVarious Artists
    1Come Out (1966)Various Artists
    1Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and OrganVarious Artists
    2Music for 18 Musicians: Section IReich, Steve
    2Different Trains - Europe-During the War (movement 2)Various Artists
    2Shiviti Hashem L'Negdi (I Place The Eternal Before Me)Various Artists
    2ProverbVarious Artists
    2Drumming: Part IVarious Artists
    3Music for 18 Musicians: Section IIReich, Steve
    3Different Trains - After the War (movement 3)Various Artists
    3Explanations Come To An End SomewhereVarious Artists
    3The Desert Music: First Movement (fast)Various Artists
    3Drumming: Part IIVarious Artists
    4Music for 18 Musicians: Section IIIAReich, Steve
    4Tehillim - Part I (Fast)Various Artists
    4Ehmor M'aht, V'ahsay Harbay (Say Little And Do Much)Various Artists
    4The Desert Music: Second Movement (moderate)Various Artists
    4Drumming: Part IIIVarious Artists
    5Music for 18 Musicians: Section IIIBReich, Steve
    5Tehillim - Part II (Fast)Various Artists
    5New York Counterpoint: FastReich, Steve
    5The Desert Music: Third Movement Part One (slow)Various Artists
    5Drumming: Part IVVarious Artists
    6Music for 18 Musicians: Section IVReich, Steve
    6Tehillim - Part III (Slow)Various Artists
    6New York Counterpoint: SlowReich, Steve
    6The Desert Music: Third Movement Part Two (moderate)Various Artists
    7Music for 18 Musicians: Section VReich, Steve
    7Tehillim - Part IV (Fast)Various Artists
    7New York Counterpoint: FastReich, Steve
    7The Desert Music: Third Movement Part Three (slow)Various Artists
    8Music for 18 Musicians: Section VIReich, Steve
    8Eight Lines (Octet) (1979)Reich, Steve
    8Cello CounterpointVarious Artists
    8The Desert Music: Fourth Movement (moderate)Various Artists
    9Music for 18 Musicians: Section VIIReich, Steve
    9Electric Counterpoint - Fast (movement 1)Various Artists
    9The Desert Music: Fifth Movement (fast)Various Artists
    10Music for 18 Musicians: Section VIIIReich, Steve
    10Electric Counterpoint - Slow (movement 2)Various Artists
    11Music for 18 Musicians: Section IXReich, Steve
    11Electric Counterpoint - Fast (movement 3)Various Artists
    12Music for 18 Musicians: Section XReich, Steve
    12Triple Quartet: First MovementVarious Artists
    13Music for 18 Musicians: Section XIReich, Steve
    13Triple Quartet: Second MovementVarious Artists
    14Music for 18 Musicians: PulsesReich, Steve
    14Triple Quartet: Third MovementVarious Artists

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