Raging Sea  (Album Version)

Raging Sea (Album Version)

Steve Winwood

Heaven is calling, waking me from my sleep
Cross the ocean for the ghost of a chance to be free
Over the rainbow, follow the rolling sea
Find an answer to the dream of the man I can be

Set my sail by a star
Into the world of raging sea, left my home
Oh goodbye my love, your tears break my heart
But we'll meet again on a new horizon
In a paradise for you and for me

Summer is coming, warm the winter skies
Yellow sun to dry the rain that's clouding my eyes
Over the ocean, chasing lonely moon
Heaven knows if my true fate will come find me soon
Storm all around us, blacken the icy sea
Save my soul if my good angel's there waiting for me
Hurricane rising, thank the god I know
Feel my destiny to find my own El Dorado


Looking for new worlds, haunting me in my sleep
Lost one good friend to the sword and one more to the deep
Over the sunrise, blood on flaming sea
Crossed the ocean for the ghost of a chance to be free

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