Stevie Wonder

The Complete Motown Singles, Volume 5: 1965

The Complete Motown Singles, Volume 5: 1965

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  • The Complete Motown Singles, Volume 5: 1965


1Ask The LonelyThe Four Tops
1Mother DearDiana Ross & the Supremes
1Buttered PopcornThe Vows
1Never Say No To Your BabyThe Hit Pack
1You're Gonna Love My BabyBarbara McNair
1Ain't That PeculiarMarvin Gaye
2Let's DanceThe Hit Pack
2Nothing But HeartachesThe Supremes
2The Touch Of TimeBarbara McNair
2Where Did You GoThe Four Tops
2Tell MeThe Vows
2She's Got To Be RealMarvin Gaye
3Kiss Me BabyStevie Wonder
3Children's Christmas SongThe Supremes
3Ain't That PeculiarMarvin Gaye
3Do You Know What I'm Talkin' AboutThe Downbeats
3He Holds His OwnThe Supremes
3He's An OddballThe Lewis Sisters
4Nothing But HeartachesThe Supremes
4My Girl Has GoneSmokey Robinson & the Miracles
4You Say You Love MeThe Downbeats
4Twinkle Twinkle Little MeThe Supremes
4You Only Pass This Way One TimeThe Hillsiders
4By Some ChanceThe Lewis Sisters
5Conscience I'm GuiltyHattie Littles
5Danger Heartbreak Dead AheadThe Marvelettes
5Why Do You Want To Let Me GoMarv Johnson
5Uptight (Everything's Alright)Stevie Wonder
5Rain Is A Lonesome ThingThe Hillsiders
5Since You Won My HeartSmokey Robinson & the Miracles
6Your Cheating WaysThe Marvelettes
6My Girl Has GoneSmokey Robinson & the Miracles
6I'm Not A PlaythingMarv Johnson
6You Got Me WorriedHattie Littles
6My BabyThe Freeman Brothers
6Purple Rain DropsStevie Wonder
7Beautiful Brown EyesThe Freeman Brothers
7My BabyThe Temptations
7A Bird In The Hand (Is Worth Two In The Bush)The Velvelettes
7ShotgunJunior Walker & the All-Stars
7The Only Time I'm HappyThe Supremes
7Your Cheating WaysThe Marvelettes
8You've Changed MeBrenda Holloway
8Hot ChaJunior Walker & the All-Stars
8Back In My Arms AgainThe Supremes
8Supremes InterviewThe Supremes
8Don't Look BackThe Temptations
8Since You've Been Loving MeThe Velvelettes
9Whisper You Love Me BoyDiana Ross & the Supremes
9Don't Mess With BillThe Marvelettes
9Who's Lovin' YouBrenda Holloway
9All For YouEarl Van Dyke & The Soul Brothers
9My BabyThe Temptations
9Since I Lost My BabyThe Temptations
10You've Been In Love Too LongMartha Reeves & the Vandellas
10Don't Look BackThe Temptations
10Too Many Fish In The SeaEarl Van Dyke & The Soul Brothers
10You've Got To Earn ItThe Temptations
10Back In My Arms AgainThe Supremes
10Anything You Wanna DoThe Marvelettes
11Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things)Martha & the Vandellas
11Love Makes The World Go `Round, But Money Greases The WheelDee Mullins
11The FlickEarl Van Dyke & The Soul Brothers
11I'll Always Love YouThe Spinners
11I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)Earl Van Dyke & The Soul Brothers
11A Thrill A MomentKim Weston
12I'll Never See My Love AgainKim Weston
12The FlickEarl Van Dyke & The Soul Brothers
12Tomorrow May Never ComeThe Spinners
12Come On Back (And Be My Love Again)Dee Mullins
12High Heel SneakersStevie Wonder
12How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)Earl Van Dyke & The Soul Brothers
13Do Right Baby Do RightChris Clark
13Funny How Time Slips AwayStevie Wonder
13I Hear A SymphonyThe Supremes
13I'm Still Loving YouKim Weston
13I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)The Four Tops
13This Time Last SummerDanny Day
14Music TalkStevie Wonder
14Who Could Ever Doubt My LoveDiana Ross & the Supremes
14Please Don't Turn The Lights OutDanny Day
14Go Ahead And LaughKim Weston
14Don't Be Too LongChris Clark
14Sad SouvenirsThe Four Tops
15I Can't Help MyselfThe Four Tops
15Nowhere To RunMartha & the Vandellas
15As Long As There Is L-O-V-E, LoveJimmy Ruffin
15The Bigger Your Heart Is (The Harder You'll Fall)Tony Martin
15Why Break My Heart (Just To Run Around)Dorsey Burnette
15Do Right Baby Do RightChris Clark
16They're Only WordsDorsey Burnette
16The Two Of UsTony Martin
16How Can I Say I'm SorryJimmy Ruffin
16Going To A Go-GoThe Miracles
16All The Good Times Are GoneHoward Crockett
16MotoringMartha Reeves & the Vandellas
17Pretty Little BabyMarvin Gaye
17Stop! In The Name Of LoveThe Supremes
17Choosey BeggarSmokey Robinson & the Miracles
17The Great TitanicHoward Crockett
17We Call It FunThe Headliners
17I Don't Know What To DoRichard Anthony
18Now That You've Won MeMarvin Gaye
18Lonely, Lonely Girl Am IThe Velvelettes
18I'm In Love AgainDiana Ross & the Supremes
18Ask Any ManTony Martin
18What Now My LoveRichard Anthony
18Voodoo PlanThe Headliners
19Spanish RoseTony Martin
19First I Look At The PurseThe Contours
19Stop! In The Name Of LoveThe Supremes
19Something About YouThe Four Tops
19I'm The Exception To The RuleThe Velvelettes
19Hang On BillLittle Lisa
20Puppet On A StringLittle Lisa
20When I'm GoneBrenda Holloway
20Searching For A GirlThe Contours
20Cleo's MoodJunior Walker & the All-Stars
20Darling, I Hum Our SongThe Four Tops
20I'll Keep Holding OnThe Marvelettes
21Baby You Know You Ain't RightJunior Walker & the All-Stars
21I've Been Good To YouBrenda Holloway
21No Time For TearsThe Marvelettes
21The Tracks Of My TearsThe Miracles
21I've Been CheatedThe Dalton Boys
21You Can Cry On My ShoulderBrenda Holloway
22How Many Times Did You Mean ItBrenda Holloway
22When I'm GoneBrenda Holloway
22Do The BoomerangJunior Walker & the All-Stars
22A Fork In The RoadSmokey Robinson & the Miracles
22My World Is Empty Without YouThe Supremes
22Take My HandThe Dalton Boys
23Tune UpJunior Walker & the All-Stars
23You Can Cry On My ShoulderBrenda Holloway
23Shake And FingerpopJunior Walker & the All-Stars
23Everything Is Good About YouThe Supremes
23Something's Bothering YouThe Dalton Boys
23I'll Be DoggoneMarvin Gaye
24Cleo's BackJunior Walker & the All-Stars
24You Need MeThe Lewis Sisters
24OperatorBrenda Holloway
24Let's Go SomewhereR. Dean Taylor
24Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)Frank Wilson
24You've Been A Long Time ComingMarvin Gaye
25I'll Be DoggoneMarvin Gaye
25It's The Same Old SongThe Four Tops
25I'll Be AvailableBrenda Holloway
25Say YouThe Monitors
25Sweeter As The Days Go ByFrank Wilson
25Moonlight On The BeachThe Lewis Sisters
26Down To EarthBilly Eckstine
26Put Yourself In My PlaceThe Elgins
26Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)Kim Weston
26All For SomeoneThe Monitors
26Ooo Baby BabySmokey Robinson & the Miracles
26Your Love Is AmazingThe Four Tops
27Darling BabyThe Elgins
27All That's GoodSmokey Robinson & the Miracles
27Don't Compare Me With HerKim Weston
27It's The Same Old SongThe Four Tops
27Had You Been AroundBilly Eckstine
27I Can't Believe You Love MeTammi Terrell
28Things Are ChangingDiana Ross & the Supremes
28It's GrowingThe Temptations
28Hold Me Oh My DarlingTammi Terrell
29What Love Has Joined TogetherThe Temptations

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