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The Stewart Copeland Anthology

The Stewart Copeland Anthology

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1Too Kool To Kalypso (feat. Klark Kent)Stewart Copeland
2Don’t Box Me In [from Ruble Fish] (feat. Stan Ridgway)Stewart Copeland
3Tulsa Tango [from Ruble Fish]Stewart Copeland
4Koteja [from The Rhythmatist] (feat. Ray Lema)Stewart Copeland
5Serengeti Long Walk [from The Rhythmatist]Stewart Copeland
6Equaliser (Main Title)Stewart Copeland
7Anacott Stell [from Wall Street]Stewart Copeland
8SlitherStewart Copeland
9Night Drive [from Very Bad Things]Stewart Copeland
10Taxi Ride Home [from West Beirut]Stewart Copeland
11Bill Is Dead (Main Theme) [from The Pallbearer]Stewart Copeland
12Wield The Spade (feat. Oysterhead)Stewart Copeland
13Look Up (feat. Martina Topley-bird)Stewart Copeland
14Rain [the Spyro The Dragon]Stewart Copeland
15Childhood Friends [from The Leopard Son] (feat. Stanley Clarke)Stewart Copeland
16Mud Lions [from The Leopard Son]Stewart Copeland
17Pizzica Degli Ucci (feat. Vittorio Cosma)Stewart Copeland
18Chrystal/drive Daisy/end Title [from Dead Like Me]Stewart Copeland
19George Trip/end Montage/end Title [from Dead Like Me]Stewart Copeland
20Big Drum Tribe (feat. Gizmo)Stewart Copeland
21Regret [the Metropolis]Stewart Copeland

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