Last Dance

Last Dance

Suburban Legends

I think it sucks
This is not the way
So many pretty girls
But still I call your name

Woman, how sweet it would be
If I could take you with me
To the show
To the show

I think it sucks
I do it everyday
And if I had my choice
I would be on my way

To a rock and roll band where I sleep with my fans
And ain't nobody dancin' c'mon now don't you understand
Woman, don't lay it on me
Thinkin' how my life could be

If this band it had never happened to me
Visions of rock and roll are leaving me
'Cause there only in my dreams
And I don't wanna dance

I don't wanna dance no more
No time for rock and roll
It's not my choice
That's just the way it is

I love you so much
But we've grown out of touch
I'm married to my job that loves to dance
Rocking out with kicks how long will this last

Woman, don't walk away from me

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