Can't Start  (Album Version)

Can't Start (Album Version)

Sugar Ray

There's a really nice flow in the air tonight
If I don't look down I feel alright
Back to a time when it as so right with you
Seemed so good on the night we met
I tried so hard but I can't forget
So right so wrong with you

And God I can't start lovin' you
(I can't start lovin' you baby)
No one got me over you
I can't stop missin' you baby)
I just can't stop lovin' you
(Don't want to stop lovin' you baby)
Even though you want you want me to
(I can't start lovin' you baby)

Tomorrow tomorrow for you
Lost all night on the 405
Rear view mirror I saw your eyes
What's on the radio was you
Here the talk from all the friends
I know why so don't pretend
We could ever be that way again


Tomorrow tomorrow for you
I watch the time movin' half way around the world
I watch the time movin' in the sky
I watch the time watch the time movin'
But somehow I remember, I remember, you


Tomorrow tomorrow for you
Tomorrow tomorrow for you
(Baby, baby, baby)

Written by Kahne, David Martin / Karges, Matthew Murphy / McGrath, Mark S. / Sheppard, Rodney Charles / Bullock, Craig Anthony / Frazier, Charles Stanton
Published by Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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