Suns of Arqa

    Suns of Arqa

    • Suns of Arqa
    Suns of Arqa

    Suns of Arqa

    • Suns of Arqa

    Suns of Arqa

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    Spiritual Sanity in an Insane Society, And Other Rarities, Vol. 7

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    Babylondon's BurningSuns of Arqa
    Magic VersionSuns of Arqa
    A Lesson in TrancedanceSuns of Arqa
    Soul to SaveSuns of Arqa
    Asian Rebel (Brian Hyphen Dub)Suns of Arqa


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        The world music collective Suns of Arqa was led by founder and mentor Michael Wadada; since the release of the group's 1979 debut LP Revenge of the Mozabites, some 200 members from across the globe passed through its ranks, many of them met by Wadada during his extensive travels and sharing his interest in indigenous, tribal, folk and classical music traditions. In addition to subsequent LPs including 1980's Wadada Magic, 1982's India? and 1984's Ark of the Arqans, the Suns of A... Read more

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