It's a bloody Mary morning
Baby left me without warning
Sometime in the night
So I'm flying down to Houston
Forgetting her, the nature of my flight

As we taxi toward the runway
With the smog and haze reminding me
Of how I feel
Just a country boy who's learning
That the pitfalls of the city are extremely real

All the nightlife and the parties
Temptation and a seat
The order of the day
We'll it's a bloody Mary morning
And I'm leaving baby
Somewhere in L.A.


Our golden jet is airborne
And flight #50 cuts a path across the morning sky
And a voice comes through the speaker
Reassuring us flight #50 is the way to fly
And a hostess takes our order
Coffee, tea, or something stronger to start off the day
It's a bloody Mary morning
And I'm leaving baby somewhere in L.A.


Written by Nelson, Willie
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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