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The Complete Capitol / Black & White Recordings

The Complete Capitol / Black & White Recordings

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  • The Complete Capitol / Black & White Recordings


1T-Bone BluesT-Bone Walker
1Long Lost Lover Blues (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
1Description BluesT-Bone Walker
2I Got A Break BabyT-Bone Walker
2Long Lost Lover BluesT-Bone Walker
2T-Bone Shuffle (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
3Mean Old WorldT-Bone Walker
3Triflin' Woman Blues (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
3T-Bone ShuffleT-Bone Walker
4No Worry Blues (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
4Triflin' Woman BluesT-Bone Walker
4That Old Feelin' Is GoneT-Bone Walker
5No Worry BluesT-Bone Walker
5Long Skirt Baby Blues (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
5The Time Seems So LongT-Bone Walker
6Don't Leave Me Baby (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
6Long Skirt Baby BluesT-Bone Walker
6Prison BluesT-Bone Walker
7Don't Leave Me BabyT-Bone Walker
7Goodbye BluesT-Bone Walker
7Home Town BluesT-Bone Walker
8Bobby Sox Blues (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
8Too Much Trouble Blues (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
8Wise Man Blues (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
9Bobby Sox BluesT-Bone Walker
9Too Much Trouble BluesT-Bone Walker
9Wise Man BluesT-Bone Walker
10I'm Gonna Find My BabyT-Bone Walker
10I'm Waiting For Your CallT-Bone Walker
10Misfortune Blues (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
11I'm In An Awful MoodT-Bone Walker
11Hypin' Woman Blues (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
11Misfortune BluesT-Bone Walker
12It's A Lowdown Dirty DealT-Bone Walker
12Hypin' Woman BluesT-Bone Walker
12I Wish You Were Mine (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
13Don't Give Me The RunaroundT-Bone Walker
13So Blue BluesT-Bone Walker
13I Wish You Were Mine T-Bone Walker
14Hard Pain BluesT-Bone Walker
14On Your Way BluesT-Bone Walker
14I'm Gonna Move You Out And Get Somebody ElseT-Bone Walker
15I Know Your Wig Is GoneT-Bone Walker
15Natural BluesT-Bone Walker
15She's The No-Sleepin'est Woman (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
16T-Bone Jumps AgainT-Bone Walker
16That's Better For MeT-Bone Walker
16She's The No-Sleepin'est Woman (1995 Digital Remaster)T-Bone Walker
17Call It Stormy Monday But Tuesday Is Just As Bad (Alternate)T-Bone Walker
17First Love Blues (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
17Plain Old Down Home BluesT-Bone Walker
18Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just As Bad)T-Bone Walker
18First Love BluesT-Bone Walker
18Born To Be No GoodT-Bone Walker
19She Had To Let Me Down (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
19Lonesome Woman Blues (Alternate Version 1)T-Bone Walker
19Go Back To The One You Love (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
20She Had To Let Me DownT-Bone Walker
20Lonesome Woman Blues (Alternate Version 2)T-Bone Walker
20Go Back To The One You LoveT-Bone Walker
21She's My Old Time Used To BeT-Bone Walker
21Lonesome Woman BluesT-Bone Walker
21I Want A Little GirlT-Bone Walker
22Dream Girl Blues (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
22Vacation BluesT-Bone Walker
22I'm Still In Love With YouT-Bone Walker
23Dream Girl BluesT-Bone Walker
23Inspiration Blues (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
23You're My Best Poker Hand (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
24Midnight Blues (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
24Inspiration BluesT-Bone Walker
24You're My Best Poker HandT-Bone Walker
25Midnight BluesT-Bone Walker
25Description Blues (Alternate Version)T-Bone Walker
25West Side BabyT-Bone Walker

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