One Inch Rock (Live in Wolverhampton, 19th May 1971)

One Inch Rock (Live in Wolverhampton, 19th May 1971)

T. Rex

Met a woman she`s spouting prose
She`s got luggage eyes and a roman nose
Her body is slung from side to side
Need a lift she said much obliged
I`m riding piggy-back
Then I came to her shack

We go inside the place it`s a mess
She said my name`s the liquid poetess
She unties her mouth
And her buckskin dress
She drinks from a bottle
labelled tenderness
I`m in one hand in the other`s a can

She puts me in the can
And smiles through the wall
I got the horror`s 'cause I`m one inch tall
Next thing I know`s a girl by my side
Dressed in a bayleaf she`s trying to hide
I asked her name she said Germaine
Do the rock do the one inch rock.

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