Sing A Happy Song: The Warner Bros. Recordings
    • Sing A Happy Song: The Warner Bros. Recordings
    • Released in 2005
    • 33 Songs


    1You Got ItTaj Mahal
    2Freight TrainTaj Mahal
    3Baby, You're My DestinyTaj Mahal
    4Sailin' Into Walker's CayTaj Mahal
    5Truck Driver's Two-StepTaj Mahal
    6The Four Mills BrothersTaj Mahal
    7Honey BabeTaj Mahal
    8CurryTaj Mahal
    9Farther On Down The Road (You Will Accompany Me) (Live In Chicago)Taj Mahal
    10Freight Train (Live In Chicago)Taj Mahal
    11Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox BlueTaj Mahal
    12Blackjack Davy (Live In Chicago)Taj Mahal
    13Truck Driver's Two-Step (Live In Chicago)Taj Mahal
    14Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own (Live In Chicago)Taj Mahal
    15Johnny Too Bad (Live In Chicago)Taj Mahal
    16Love Theme In The Key Of DTaj Mahal
    17Funky ButtTaj Mahal
    18Brother's Doin' TimeTaj Mahal
    19Night RiderTaj Mahal
    20Free The BrothersTaj Mahal
    21Sentidos Dulce (Sweet Feelings)Taj Mahal
    22The Funeral MarchTaj Mahal
    23Malcolm's SongTaj Mahal
    24David And AngelaTaj Mahal
    25Sing A Happy SongTaj Mahal
    26Queen BeeTaj Mahal
    27Lowdown ShowdownTaj Mahal
    28The Most Recent (Evolution) Of Muthafusticus Modernusticus (Alb. Ver.)Taj Mahal
    29Why You Do Me This WayTaj Mahal
    30Salsa De LaventilleTaj Mahal
    31The Big BluesTaj Mahal
    32HighniteTaj Mahal
    33Southbound With The Hammer DownTaj Mahal

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