Pain To Kill (Album Version)

Pain To Kill (Album Version)

Terri Clark

I got a headache from the work day
And a heartache from last night
Anything that could've lately did not go right
They say time is the ticket
But I sure ain't got the time
With a little jingle in my pocket
There's a mission on my mind

I got some pain to kill
Hurt to heal
Anything I have to do I will
So come on, baby, let's take a ride
Way on over to the other side
Of this low-down, lonely, no good way to feel
I got some pain to kill

Gonna find me a party
Maybe start one of my own
Light a fire to my troubles
And dance around the smoke
I might regret it come tomorrow
When I'm nursin' the good time flu
But a girl in my condition only has one thing to lose


Promotion bumped me
Boyfriend dumped me
I gotta do something
So until the sun comes up on Sunday

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

I got some real pain to kill

Written by PORTER, COLE
Published by Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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