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1In For Life (Explicit LP Version) (Featuring Big Pun, Triple Seis, Prospect, & Cuban Link)Terror Squad
2Pass The Glock (Explicit LP Version) (Featuring Big Pun, Prospect, Fat Joe, Triple Seis, Cubam Link, &Armageaddon)Terror Squad
3'99 Live (Explicit LP Version) (Featuring Prospect)Terror Squad
4Watcha Gon Do? (Explicit LP Version)Terror Squad featuring Big Pun
5Triple Threat (Explicit LP Version) (Featuring Armageaddon, Big Pun, & Cuban Link)Terror Squad
6War (Explicit LP Version) (Featuring Triple Seis)Terror Squad
7Bring It On (Explicit LP Version) (Featuring Fat Joe)Terror Squad
8As the World Turns (Explicit LP Version) (Featuring Cuban Link, Prospect, Triple Seis, & Tony Sunshine)Terror Squad
9Gimme Dat (Explicit LP Version) (Featuring Armageaddon)Terror Squad
10Feelin' This (Explicit LP Version) (Featuring Armageaddon, Prospect & Big Pun)Terror Squad
11All Around The World (Explicit LP Version) (Featuring Cuban Link)Terror Squad
12Tell Me What U Want (Explicit LP Version) (Featuring Fat Joe, Armeageddon, Cuban Link & Tony Sunshine)Terror Squad
13Rudeboy Salute (Explicit LP Version) (Featuring Big Pun, Fat Joe & Buju Banton)Terror Squad
14My Kinda Girls (Explicit LP Version) (Featuring Tony Sunshine & Cuban Link))Terror Squad
15Payin' Dues (Explicit LP Version) (Featuring Armageaddon & Keith Hunt)Terror Squad
16WWW. ThatsMyShit.com (Explicit LP Version) (Featuring Fat Joe, Triple Seis & The Bleach Brothers)Terror Squad

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