• Anthology
    • Released in 2005
    • 38 Songs


    1One Chord WondersThe Adverts
    1Safety in Numbers (Live)The Adverts
    2New Boys (Live)The Adverts
    2QuickstepThe Adverts
    3Gary Gilmore's EyesThe Adverts
    3One Chord Wonders (Live)The Adverts
    4Bored TeenagersThe Adverts
    4On the Roof (Live)The Adverts
    5Safety in NumbersThe Adverts
    5New Day Dawning (Live)The Adverts
    6Great British Mistake (Live)The Adverts
    6We Who WaitThe Adverts
    7Bombsite Boys (Live)The Adverts
    7No Time to Be 21The Adverts
    8New Day DawningThe Adverts
    8No Time to Be 21 (Live)The Adverts
    9Quick Step (Live)The Adverts
    9Drowning MenThe Adverts
    10On the RoofThe Adverts
    10New Church (Live)The Adverts
    11NewboysThe Adverts
    11Bored Teenagers (Live)The Adverts
    12On WheelsThe Adverts
    12Gary Gilmore's Eyes (Live)The Adverts
    13Bombsite BoysThe Adverts
    14New ChurchThe Adverts
    15Great British MistakeThe Adverts
    16Fate of CriminalsThe Adverts
    17Love SongsThe Adverts
    18Television's OverThe Adverts
    19Back from the DeadThe Adverts
    20My PlaceThe Adverts
    21Cast of ThousandsThe Adverts
    22Male AssaultThe Adverts
    23I SurrenderThe Adverts
    24I Looked At the SunThe Adverts
    25The AdvertsThe Adverts
    26I Will Walk You HomeThe Adverts

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