The Beloved

David, ah, you shouldn't do that.
And maybe, well as a matter of fact.
Gotta have responsibilities,
And try your very best to please the wolves at your back.

Don't go telling me that everything must have a reason,
Because you're wrong, 'cause you're wrong,
Cause you're wrong, wrong, wrong.
There's a whole world out there if you'll just stop dreaming.
Wake up soon.

And now Jimmy, oh, come on, listen to me good,
Because life don't come so easy who told you that it would?
Oh, so many people tell you what to do,
And you believe them, that's the trouble with you; Just think for yourself!


Well, pretty soon, pretty soon you've gotta learn your right from wrong.
Oh, every day, every night, well, come on, learn to be strong.

Because you're wrong, 'cause you're wrong, 'cause you're wrong, wrong, wong.
You better wake up soon you better just stop dreaming.

[Chorus: x2]

Gotta wake up soon, boy.
Wake up soon.
Gotta wake up soon, boy.
Yeah, wake up soon.
Better wake up soon, boy.
Wake up, wake up.

Written by MARSH, JON
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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