Get Down River

Get Down River

The Bottle Rockets

[G]river town, it's pretty little,
it's [D]high on the side and it [C]sinks in the [G]middle.
When the [G]rain comes down, the river rolls up,
[D]fills all the low spots, [C]all over [G]town

get [C]down river, [G]river get down, won't you
[D]get down river, [C]river get [G]down
once a[C]gain you have messed up [G]this old [Em]town
[C]get down [D]river, get


To the far side of town's where I want to go,
To see my honey, but I don't know
Looks like I'll have to row,
It's like the gulf of mexico, down by the Texaco


[G] [Em] [C] [G]
[D] [C] [G]
[Em] [C] [G]
[C] [D]


you can drown down-town when the water is high
It's been happenin' here since I was a child
There ain't nothing you can do to stop it
Just hope for the best and mop up the rest

Published by BUG MUSIC

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