Your Numbered Days
The Break and Repair Method

You hold yourself like nobody else
I've ever acquainted
So what is this pose that no one else knows
I believe that's the best one that I've ever seen
So let us begin where the devil came in
He was bringing the new style
And you reached across
As not to get lost in the bustle
And still you won't let it die

But somehow
I know you'll figure it out
Before it's too late
And you're numbered days have counted all down
So won't you give up the act
You've been saving till now

Watching the pulse of every insult
You've been spitting out lately
Makes me aware of all the things that you're scared of
And all of the things you will never believe

This is the part you wrote down
Just to silence us all
You've been weighed against what spilt inside
Entirely too long
So what do you want with all this loss

You've been safe until now

Written by Doucette, Paul
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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