Son Of Three

Son Of Three

The Breeders

I got an empty case of Wip-Its
No more time on the meter

About face
I think I'm comin'
Cross another country line
Are we there?
Cookin' with nitrous
Crackin' in the air
I am the sign of go

While last night's stars were high
Now they're popping in the sky
And the band is jammin' in

I don't like it
Better tonight
Better for you

Buzzing flourescence
I don't what it wants from me
If I find the door
Then I am the son of go

And the band is movin' in
That's what you get
That's what you get
When there's no time on the meter

You get
An empty case
Of Wip-Its
And a boyfriend with a beeper

Written by DEAL, KIM
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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