Some Friendly - Expanded Edition

Some Friendly - Expanded Edition

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  • Some Friendly - Expanded Edition


1You’re Not Very Well (re-mastered)The Charlatans
1The Only One I Know (re-mastered)The Charlatans
2Imperial 109 (re-mastered)The Charlatans
2White Shirt (re-mastered)The Charlatans
3Everything Changed (re-mastered)The Charlatans
3Opportunity (re-mastered)The Charlatans
4Then (Alternate Take) (re-mastered)The Charlatans
4Then (re-mastered)The Charlatans
5Taurus Moaner (re-mastered)The Charlatans
5109 pt.2 (re-mastered)The Charlatans
6Polar Bear (12" Mix)The Charlatans
6Polar Bear (re-mastered)The Charlatans
7Over Rising (re-mastered)The Charlatans
7Believe You Me (re-mastered)The Charlatans
8Flower (re-mastered)The Charlatans
8Way Up There (re-mastered)The Charlatans
9Happen To Die (Long Version) (re-mastered)The Charlatans
9Sonic (re-mastered)The Charlatans
10Opportunity Three (re-mastered)The Charlatans
10Sproston Green (re-mastered)The Charlatans
11The Only One I Know (12" mix)The Charlatans
12Then (7" Mix)The Charlatans
13Taurus Moaner (Instrumental) (re-mastered)The Charlatans
14Sproston Green (Instrumental)The Charlatans

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