The Clash

5 Studio Album Set

5 Studio Album Set

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  • 5 Studio Album Set


1Janie JonesThe Clash
1Safe European Home (Remastered)The Clash
1London Calling (Remastered)The Clash
1The Magnificent Seven (Remastered)The Clash
1Know Your RightsThe Clash
2Remote ControlThe Clash
2English Civil WarThe Clash
2Brand New CadillacThe Clash
2Hitsville U.K.The Clash
2Car JammingThe Clash
3I'm So Bored with the U.S.A.The Clash
3Tommy GunThe Clash
3Jimmy JazzThe Clash
3Junco PartnerThe Clash
3Should I Stay or Should I Go (Remastered)The Clash
4White RiotThe Clash
4Julie's Been Working for the Drug SquadThe Clash
4HatefulThe Clash
4Ivan Meets G.I. JoeThe Clash
4Rock the Casbah (Remastered)The Clash
5Hate & WarThe Clash
5Last Gang in TownThe Clash
5Rudie Can't FailThe Clash
5The LeaderThe Clash
5Red Angel DragnetThe Clash
6What's My NameThe Clash
6Guns on the RoofThe Clash
6Spanish BombsThe Clash
6Something about EnglandThe Clash
6Straight to HellThe Clash
7DenyThe Clash
7Drug-Stabbing TimeThe Clash
7The Right ProfileThe Clash
7Rebel WaltzThe Clash
7Overpowered by FunkThe Clash
8London's BurningThe Clash
8Stay FreeThe Clash
8Lost In the SupermarketThe Clash
8Look HereThe Clash
8Atom TanThe Clash
9Career OpportunitiesThe Clash
9CheapskatesThe Clash
9ClampdownThe Clash
9The Crooked BeatThe Clash
9Sean FlynnThe Clash
10CheatThe Clash
10All the Young Punks (New Boots and Contracts)The Clash
10The Guns of BrixtonThe Clash
10Ghetto DefendantThe Clash
10Somebody Got MurderedThe Clash
11Protex BlueThe Clash
11Inoculated CityThe Clash
11Wrong 'Em BoyoThe Clash
11One More TimeThe Clash
12Police & Thieves (Remastered)The Clash
12Death is a StarThe Clash
12Death or GloryThe Clash
12One More DubThe Clash
1348 HoursThe Clash
13Koka KolaThe Clash
13Lightning Strikes (Not Once but Twice)The Clash
14GaragelandThe Clash
14The Card CheatThe Clash
14Up in Heaven (Not Only Here)The Clash
15Lover's RockThe Clash
15Corner SoulThe Clash
16Four HorsemenThe Clash
16Let's Go CrazyThe Clash
17I'm Not DownThe Clash
17If Music Could TalkThe Clash
18Revolution RockThe Clash
18The Sound of SinnersThe Clash
19Train in Vain (Remastered)The Clash
19Police on my Back (Remastered)The Clash
20Midnight LogThe Clash
21The EqualiserThe Clash
22The Call UpThe Clash
23Washington BulletsThe Clash
24BroadwayThe Clash
25Lose this SkinThe Clash
26Charlie don't SurfThe Clash
27Mensforth HillThe Clash
28Junkie SlipThe Clash
29Kingston AdviceThe Clash
30The Street ParadeThe Clash
31Version CityThe Clash
32Living in FameThe Clash
33Silicone on SapphireThe Clash
34Version PardnerThe Clash
35Career OpportunitiesThe Clash
36Shepherds DelightThe Clash

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