The Cox Family

They were standing by the window
On the night he kissed her cheek
He had waited long in silence
Waited long for her to speak

When at last he whispered softly
As the cool breeze kissed her head
She had waited long to tell him
What they told her he had said

Oh they say you love another
That you never did love me
If these words be true my darling
I'll forever set you free

They were standing in the moonlight
When he kissed his love goodbye
He had broken their engagement
For to her he told a lie

I have someone else my darlin'
I know I proved to be untrue
That is why I'm asking of you
Will you please forgive me, too

Tho' his heart was full of pity
For he took her by surprise
Then she murmured, oh so sadly
As the tears they filled her eyes

If it's true you love another
That you never did love me
Dear, I want you to be happy
I'll forever set you free

Tho' you leave me broken hearted
I hope we'll meet again someday
In that [ ? ] home up yonder
There, our love won't end this way

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