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    1You Take My MoneyThe Damned
    1Teenage DreamThe Damned
    1I FallThe Damned
    1IgniteThe Damned
    1See Her ToniteThe Damned
    2Creep (You Can't Fool Me)The Damned
    2Stretcher CaseThe Damned
    2I Just Can't Be Happy TodayThe Damned
    2Disco ManThe Damned
    2Neat Neat NeatThe Damned
    3Fan ClubThe Damned
    3Ballroom BlitzThe Damned
    3Plan 9 Channel 7The Damned
    3GeneralsThe Damned
    3Born To KillThe Damned
    4Problem ChildThe Damned
    4Problem ChildThe Damned
    4Smash It UpThe Damned
    4Bad Time For BonzoThe Damned
    4I FallThe Damned
    5So Messed UpThe Damned
    5Melody LeeThe Damned
    5Drinking About My BabyThe Damned
    5Dozen GirlsThe Damned
    5Fan ClubThe Damned
    6New RoseThe Damned
    6Born To KillThe Damned
    6Looking At YouThe Damned
    6Love SongThe Damned
    6FishThe Damned
    7I Feel AlrightThe Damned
    7SuicideThe Damned
    7I Feel AlrightThe Damned
    7Smash It Up (Part One)The Damned
    7HelpThe Damned
    8Born To KillThe Damned
    8Looking At YouThe Damned
    8Love SongThe Damned
    8Smash It Up (Part Two)The Damned
    8New RoseThe Damned
    9Rat Scabies Interview (1993)The Damned
    9Ballroom BlitzThe Damned
    9Looking At YouThe Damned
    9I Feel AlrightThe Damned
    10New RoseThe Damned
    10New RoseThe Damned
    10I Just Can't Be Happy TodayThe Damned
    11In A RutThe Damned
    11Wait For The BlackoutThe Damned
    12Dr Jekyll And Mr HydeThe Damned
    12Melody LeeThe Damned
    13Melody LeeThe Damned
    13Noise Noise NoiseThe Damned
    14Neat Neat Neat/ New Rose (Medley)The Damned
    14Love SongThe Damned
    15Shakin All OverThe Damned
    15Smash It UpThe Damned
    16Looking At YouThe Damned
    17The Last TimeThe Damned

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