If You Don't Already Have A Look
    • If You Don't Already Have A Look
    • Released in 2005
    • 52 Songs


    1Theme From The DirtbombsThe Dirtbombs
    1PossessionThe Dirtbombs
    2Maybe Your BabyThe Dirtbombs
    2The Sharpest ClawsThe Dirtbombs
    3Stuck Under My ShoeThe Dirtbombs
    3Brand New GameThe Dirtbombs
    4I'll Be In TroubleThe Dirtbombs
    4I'm Saving Myself For Nichelle Nichols (No. 3)The Dirtbombs
    5Here Comes That Sound AgainThe Dirtbombs
    5Lupita ScreamsThe Dirtbombs
    6By My SideThe Dirtbombs
    6High Octane SalvationThe Dirtbombs
    7Cedar Point '76The Dirtbombs
    7No ExpectationsThe Dirtbombs
    8I Feel GoodThe Dirtbombs
    8Little Miss Chocolate SyrupThe Dirtbombs
    9Headlights OnThe Dirtbombs
    9Natural ManThe Dirtbombs
    10Never Licking You AgainThe Dirtbombs
    10Noise in This WorldThe Dirtbombs
    11Don't Bogue My HighThe Dirtbombs
    11Kiss Kiss KissThe Dirtbombs
    12Refried DreamsThe Dirtbombs
    12EncryptedThe Dirtbombs
    13(I'm Not Your) Scratchin' PostThe Dirtbombs
    13Insecure, Me?The Dirtbombs
    14MystifiedThe Dirtbombs
    14Broke In Detroit (Again)The Dirtbombs
    15MeritThe Dirtbombs
    15My Love For YouThe Dirtbombs
    16You Don't Mean ItThe Dirtbombs
    16TrainwreckThe Dirtbombs
    17I Want Need Love YouThe Dirtbombs
    17Infra-RedThe Dirtbombs
    18JoleneThe Dirtbombs
    18Ha Ha HaThe Dirtbombs
    19Tanzen GehnThe Dirtbombs
    19CandyassThe Dirtbombs
    20Pray For PillsThe Dirtbombs
    20Crash Down DayThe Dirtbombs
    21All My FriendsThe Dirtbombs
    21Lost LoveThe Dirtbombs
    22She Played Me Like A BoogerThe Dirtbombs
    22What You've GotThe Dirtbombs
    23They Hate Us In ScandinaviaThe Dirtbombs
    23I Started A JokeThe Dirtbombs
    24They Saved Einstein's BrainThe Dirtbombs
    25CorrespondenceThe Dirtbombs
    26Tina LouiseThe Dirtbombs
    27Brucia I CavitThe Dirtbombs
    28Words That HurtThe Dirtbombs
    29My Last ChristmasThe Dirtbombs

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