Perception [40th Anniversary Box]
    • Perception [40th Anniversary Box]
    • Released in 2006
    • 90 Songs


    1Break On Through [To The Other Side]The Doors
    2Soul KitchenThe Doors
    3The Crystal ShipThe Doors
    4Twentieth Century FoxThe Doors
    5Alabama Song [Whisky Bar]The Doors
    6Light My FireThe Doors
    7Back Door ManThe Doors
    8I Looked At YouThe Doors
    9End Of The NightThe Doors
    10Take It As It ComesThe Doors
    11The EndThe Doors
    12Moonlight Drive [Version 1]The Doors
    13Moonlight Drive [Version 2]The Doors
    14Indian Summer [The Doors
    15Strange DaysThe Doors
    16You're Lost LIttle GirlThe Doors
    17Love Me Two TimesThe Doors
    18Unhappy GirlThe Doors
    19Horse LatitudesThe Doors
    20Moonlight DriveThe Doors
    21People Are StrangeThe Doors
    22My Eyes Have Seen YouThe Doors
    23I Can't See Your Face In My MindThe Doors
    24When The Music's OverThe Doors
    25People Are StrangeThe Doors
    26Love Me Two TimesThe Doors
    27Hello, I Love YouThe Doors
    28Love StreetThe Doors
    29Not To Touch The EarthThe Doors
    30Summer's Almost GoneThe Doors
    31Wintertime LoveThe Doors
    32The Unknown SoldierThe Doors
    33Spanish CaravanThe Doors
    34My Wild LoveThe Doors
    35We Could Be So Good TogetherThe Doors
    36Yes, The River KnowsThe Doors
    37Five To OneThe Doors
    38Albinoni's Adagio In G MinorThe Doors
    39Not To Touch The EarthThe Doors
    40Not To Touch The EarthThe Doors
    41Not To Touch The EarthThe Doors
    42Celebration Of The LizardThe Doors
    43Tell All The PeopleThe Doors
    44Touch MeThe Doors
    45Shaman's BluesThe Doors
    46Do ItThe Doors
    47Easy RideThe Doors
    48Wild ChildThe Doors
    49Runnin' BlueThe Doors
    50Wishful SinfulThe Doors
    51The Soft ParadeThe Doors
    52Who Scared YouThe Doors
    53Whiskey, Mystics and MenThe Doors
    54Whiskey, Mystics and MenThe Doors
    55Push PushThe Doors
    56Touch MeThe Doors
    57Touch MeThe Doors
    58Roadhouse BluesThe Doors
    59Waiting For The SunThe Doors
    60You Make Me RealThe Doors
    61Peace FrogThe Doors
    62Blue SundayThe Doors
    63Ship Of FoolsThe Doors
    64Land Ho!The Doors
    65The SpyThe Doors
    66Queen Of The HighwayThe Doors
    67Indian SummerThe Doors
    68Maggie M'GillThe Doors
    69Roadhouse Talking BluesThe Doors
    70Roadhouse Talking BluesThe Doors
    71Roadhouse Talking BluesThe Doors
    72CarolThe Doors
    73Roadhouse Talking BluesThe Doors
    74Money Beats SoulThe Doors
    75Roadhouse Talking BluesThe Doors
    76Peace FrogThe Doors
    77The SpyThe Doors
    78Queen Of The HighwayThe Doors
    79The ChangelingThe Doors
    80Love Her MadlyThe Doors
    81Been Down So LongThe Doors
    82Cars Hiss By My WindowThe Doors
    83L.A. WomanThe Doors
    84L'AmericaThe Doors
    85Hyacinth HouseThe Doors
    86Crawling King SnakeThe Doors
    87The WASPThe Doors
    88Riders On The StormThe Doors
    89Orange County SuiteThe Doors
    90(You Need Meat) Don't Go No FurtherThe Doors

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