50 Years
    • 50 Years
    • Released in 2012
    • 50 Songs


    1Seven Drunken NightsThe Dubliners
    2CarrickfergusThe Dubliners
    3The Spanish LadyThe Dubliners
    4The Marino WaltzThe Dubliners
    5Joe HillThe Dubliners
    6Fiddler's GreenThe Dubliners
    7Weile WaileThe Dubliners
    8The Honeysuckle / The Golden EagleThe Dubliners
    9Raglan RoadThe Dubliners
    10Dirty Old TownThe Dubliners
    11The FerrymanThe Dubliners
    12Cill ChaisThe Dubliners
    13Lord InchiquinThe Dubliners
    14Scorn Not His SimplicityThe Dubliners
    15GraceThe Dubliners
    16The Auld TriangleThe Dubliners
    17The Irish RoverThe Dubliners
    18Free the PeopleThe Dubliners
    19Lord of the DanceThe Dubliners
    20The Rose of AllendaleThe Dubliners
    21Farewell to IrelandThe Dubliners
    22The Ragman's BallThe Dubliners
    23The Dublin MinstrelThe Dubliners
    24Preab San ÓlThe Dubliners
    25Three Score and TenThe Dubliners
    26Dicey ReillyThe Dubliners
    27Don't Get Married GirlsThe Dubliners
    28Song for IrelandThe Dubliners
    29Cooley's Reel / The Dawn / The Mullingar RacesThe Dubliners
    30The Zoological GardensThe Dubliners
    31Cavan GirlThe Dubliners
    32Springhill Mining DisasterThe Dubliners
    33Molly MaloneThe Dubliners
    34Finnegan's Wake (Live)The Dubliners
    35The Black Velvet Band (Live)The Dubliners
    36Paddy On the Railway (Live)The Dubliners
    37The Showman's Fancy / The Wonder Hornpipe / The Swallow's Tail (Live)The Dubliners
    38The Sick Note (Live)The Dubliners
    39The Kerry Recruit (Live)The Dubliners
    40The Lark in the Morning (Live)The Dubliners
    41The Town I Loved So Well (Live)The Dubliners
    42The Mason's Apron (Live)The Dubliners
    43McAlpine's Fusiliers (Live)The Dubliners
    44Mrs. McGrath (Live)The Dubliners
    45The Fields of Athenry (Live)The Dubliners
    46I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me (Live)The Dubliners
    47The Scholar / The Teetotaller / The High Reel (Live)The Dubliners
    48Whiskey in the Jar (Live)The Dubliners
    49The Wild Rover (Live)The Dubliners
    50Monto (Live)The Dubliners

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