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1The Fermoy Lassies / Sporting PaddyThe Dubliners
1Building Up And Tearing England DownThe Dubliners
1The Molly MaguiresThe Dubliners
1Free The PeopleThe Dubliners
2Champion At Keeping Them RollingThe Dubliners
2The Greenland White FisheriesThe Dubliners
2Song For IrelandThe Dubliners
2The Black Velvet BandThe Dubliners
3Matt HylandThe Dubliners
3The Lord Of The DanceThe Dubliners
3The Lark In The MorningThe Dubliners
3McAlpine's Fusilier'sThe Dubliners
4Dirty Old TownThe Dubliners
4Doherty's Reel / Down the BroomThe Dubliners
4The Lowlands Of HollandThe Dubliners
4SkibbereenThe Dubliners
5The Thirty Foot TrailerThe Dubliners
5Lord InchiquinThe Dubliners
5Belfast Hornpipe / Tim MaloneyThe Dubliners
5The Captains And The KingsThe Dubliners
6The Newry HighwaymanThe Dubliners
6The Downfall Of ParisThe Dubliners
6The Night Visiting SongThe Dubliners
6Kelly The Boy From KillaneThe Dubliners
7Springhill Mining DisasterThe Dubliners
7The Band Played Waltzing MatildaThe Dubliners
7Take It Down From The MastThe Dubliners
7The Waterford Boys / The Humours Of Scariff / The Flannel JacketThe Dubliners
8The Jail Of Cluain MealaThe Dubliners
8Finnegan's WakeThe Dubliners
8BoulavogueThe Dubliners
8Alabama '58The Dubliners
9The Louse House Of KilkennyThe Dubliners
9Joe HillThe Dubliners
9The Comical GeniusThe Dubliners
9Down By The GlensideThe Dubliners
10The Four Poster Bed / Colonel RodneyThe Dubliners
10Farewell To CarlingfordThe Dubliners
10My Darling Asleep / Paddy In London / An T-Athair Jack WalshThe Dubliners
10AvondaleThe Dubliners
11Donegal DannyThe Dubliners
11The Prodigal SonThe Dubliners
11Hand Me Down Me BibleThe Dubliners
11Smith Of BristolThe Dubliners
12The Town I Loved So WellThe Dubliners
12Scorn Not His SimplicityThe Dubliners
12The Hen's March To The MiddenThe Dubliners
12All For Me GrogThe Dubliners
13Fiddler's GreenThe Dubliners
13The Wild RoverThe Dubliners
13The Gartan Mother's LullabyThe Dubliners
13The Spanish LadyThe Dubliners
14Killieburn BraeThe Dubliners
14The Bonny BoyThe Dubliners
14Blue Mountain RagThe Dubliners
14The Old TriangleThe Dubliners
15High GermanyThe Dubliners
15The Rare Old TimesThe Dubliners
15Ojos NegrosThe Dubliners
15Whiskey In the JarThe Dubliners
16The Ploughboy LadsThe Dubliners
16Drops Of Brandy / Lady CarberryThe Dubliners
16The Musical Priest / The Blackthorn StickThe Dubliners
16Seven Drunken NightsThe Dubliners
17Biddy MulliganThe Dubliners
17Last Night's Fun / The Congress ReelThe Dubliners
17Home Boys HomeThe Dubliners
17CunlaThe Dubliners
18Three Lovely Lassies From KimmageThe Dubliners
18Johnston's Motor CarThe Dubliners
18The Unquiet GraveThe Dubliners
18Spancil HillThe Dubliners
19The Holy GroundThe Dubliners
19A Gentleman SoldierThe Dubliners
19The Saxon ShillingThe Dubliners
19Sam HallThe Dubliners
20Molly MaloneThe Dubliners
20God Save IrelandThe Dubliners
20The Parting GlassThe Dubliners
20MontoThe Dubliners

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