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Wild Rover - The Best of the Dubliners

Wild Rover - The Best of the Dubliners

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1IntroductionThe Dubliners
1Within a Mile of DublinThe Dubliners
2The Rocky Road to DublinThe Dubliners
2Peggy LettermoreThe Dubliners
3Will You Come to the BowerThe Dubliners
3My Love Is In AmericaThe Dubliners
4I'll Tell My MaThe Dubliners
4The Kerry RecruitThe Dubliners
5Medley: Dublin / Nelson's FarewellThe Dubliners
5The High ReelThe Dubliners
6Medley: Sunshine Hornpipe / Mountain RoadThe Dubliners
6Roisin DubhThe Dubliners
7The Leaving of LiverpoolThe Dubliners
7Medley: Silgo Maid / Colonel RodneyThe Dubliners
8The Women From WexfordThe Dubliners
8Off to Dublin In the GreenThe Dubliners
9Banks of the RosesThe Dubliners
9Kitty Come Down from LimerickThe Dubliners
10The Patriot GameThe Dubliners
10Wild RoverThe Dubliners
11The Ould Orange FluteThe Dubliners
11Preab San OlThe Dubliners
12Jar of PorterThe Dubliners
12Hot AsphaltThe Dubliners
13The Dublin FusiliersThe Dubliners
13McAlpine's FusiliersThe Dubliners
14Tramps and HawkersThe Dubliners
14Roddy McCorleyThe Dubliners
15Love Is PleasingThe Dubliners
15Swallow's TailThe Dubliners
16The Mason's ApronThe Dubliners
16Foggy DewThe Dubliners
17The Glendalough SaintThe Dubliners
17The Holy GroundThe Dubliners
18Easy and SlowThe Dubliners
18The NightingaleThe Dubliners
19Home Boys HomeThe Dubliners
19Medley: The Donegal Reel / The Longford CollectorThe Dubliners
20Air Fa La La LoThe Dubliners
20Finnegans WakeThe Dubliners

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