Surf Age Nuggets
    • Surf Age Nuggets
    • Released in 2012
    • 104 Songs


    1Rev-UpVarious Artists
    1BaTmoBILEThe Squires
    1MiserlouVarious Artists
    1Doheny RunThe Velvetones
    2ShebaVarious Artists
    2Spaghetti StrapVarious Artists
    2Road RunnahVarious Artists
    2The Cruel SeaVarious Artists
    3“502” (Like Getting Pinched On A 502)Various Artists
    3Kick OutVarious Artists
    3TrailerThe Birds
    3Jack The RipperThe Valiants
    4Downshiftin’Various Artists
    4Mr. XThe Velvetones
    4EchoVarious Artists
    4The BirdsVarious Artists
    5Beware BelowThe Frogmen
    5GotchaThe Tradewinds
    5The MarauderVarious Artists
    5Scrub BucketVarious Artists
    6CommercialVarious Artists
    6Moment OfTruthVarious Artists
    6Swamp SurferVarious Artists
    6K StompVarious Artists
    7Night RideVarious Artists
    7The CrashVarious Artists
    7SophiaThe Charades Band
    7Turn OnVarious Artists
    8ElTecoloteVarious Artists
    8EarthquakeThe Emeralds
    8Ce’NyVarious Artists
    8Windy & WarmThe Travelers
    9Ali BabaVarious Artists
    9Surfer’s FrightThe Runabouts
    9CozimottoVarious Artists
    9SharkskinVarious Artists
    10Slaughter On 10th Ave.The Avengers
    10Harem BellsVarious Artists
    10TRAILERVarious Artists
    10ScandalVarious Artists
    11X-L3The Phantoms
    11Hanging FiveVarious Artists
    11UnknownVarious Artists
    11The FugitiveThe Fugitives
    12Do ItThe Countdowns
    12The Other SideThe Torquays
    12ScrambleVarious Artists
    12Moon RelayVarious Artists
    13MadalenaThe Mockers
    13Wax ‘Em DownVarious Artists
    13Mr. Custer StompVarious Artists
    13Radio IDVarious Artists
    14Uprisin’Various Artists
    14The Breeze & IThe Vibrants
    14LoopholeVarious Artists
    14BajaThe Turks
    15Flip SideVarious Artists
    15The RiseVarious Artists
    15Batman (Freefalling)Various Artists
    15One Pine BoxVarious Artists
    16AvalancheVarious Artists
    16Snake EyesVarious Artists
    16Pink Dominos (feat. Chiyo)The Crescents
    16TRAILERVarious Artists
    17On The RunVarious Artists
    17.007The Twilights
    17ScorpionThe Carnations
    17MustangVarious Artists
    18Rockin’ FuryVarious Artists
    18Don’t Call Me FlyThe Reekers
    18TarantulaVarious Artists
    18High WallThe Debonairs
    19PulsebeatThe Buddies
    19Garden Of Eden Pt. IIVarious Artists
    19MotivateVarious Artists
    19CommercialVarious Artists
    20Pipeline “66”Various Artists
    20Desert WindVarious Artists
    20City Of AtlantisThe Persuaders
    20Jungle FeverVarious Artists
    21TicklerVarious Artists
    21Side-SwipedVarious Artists
    2180 Ft. WaveVarious Artists
    21Dragon WalkVarious Artists
    22SinnerVarious Artists
    22One Mo’ GinVarious Artists
    22Strange WorldsThe Decades
    22Minor ChaosVarious Artists
    23CloudburstVarious Artists
    23One Pine BoxVarious Artists
    23TrailerVarious Artists
    23Lemon LimeVarious Artists
    24JingleVarious Artists
    24Nautiloid ReefVarious Artists
    24House On Haunted HillVarious Artists
    24StringerBobby Fuller
    25CommercialVarious Artists
    25QuasimotoVarious Artists
    25Earthquake!!Various Artists
    25ScorpionThe Vibrants
    26Blue MallardVarious Artists
    26MorpheusVarious Artists
    27Jet StreamThe Breakers
    27No ReturnVarious Artists

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