• Aeonia
    • Released in 2013
    • 24 Songs


    1Stars Forever: There Will Be StarsThe Esoterics
    2Stars Forever: Clear EveningThe Esoterics
    3Stars Forever: By the Flowering TreeThe Esoterics
    4Stars Forever: September DayThe Esoterics
    5Stars Forever: FontainbleauThe Esoterics
    6Stars Forever: Arcturus in AutumnThe Esoterics
    7Stars Forever: Winter SunThe Esoterics
    8Stars Forever: WisdomThe Esoterics
    9Stars Forever: Let It Be YouThe Esoterics
    10I Am Among Them: Delicious Words...The Esoterics
    11I Am Among Them: Moon, I See You ForeverThe Esoterics
    12I Am Among Them: Pools of you evaporateThe Esoterics
    13I Am Among Them: Somewhere Across...The Esoterics
    14I Am Among Them: With Seconds to Spare...The Esoterics
    15I Am Among Them: After Spending Years...The Esoterics
    16I Am Among Them: Why Are We Forever Going Back?The Esoterics
    17I Am Among Them: There Is No InnocenceThe Esoterics
    18I Am Among Them: The Collapse of LightThe Esoterics
    19I Am Among Them: Screaming, In Flight or FlightThe Esoterics
    20I Am Among Them: Every Traveler Is Blessed...The Esoterics
    21I Am Among Them: Seeing and Wanting...The Esoterics
    22I Am Among Them: I Suppose It Is...The Esoterics
    23I Am Among Them: Beyond the PoppiesThe Esoterics
    24I Am Among Them: When You See...The Esoterics

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