The Hollies

You're the one I can see in your eyes
You're the one You're the once in my life
When you know there's a time
For a love that survives
I look at you I know that you are mine

I've been wrong when I thought I was right
You go on puttin' hope in my life
But a single mistake can be all that it takes

We're through
Know we're gonna make it I know in my mind
We're through
If we're gonna make it then now is the time

Too many hearts get broken
Too many dreams get blown away
Too many hearts grow cold
I know this time is the time

Cross my heart I can swear it's true
All I need is the feeling in you
Cause I've waited too long (waited too long) for it all to go wrong
We're through
Know we're gonna make it
It's fate that we do
We're through
I could never face it a world without you


The way she makes you burn
Past the point of no return
Love gone wrong leaves you cold as ice

Too many hearts get broken [Repeat: x 2]

[Chorus: x 3]

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