The Complete A & B Sides 1961 - 1968
    • The Complete A & B Sides 1961 - 1968
    • Released in 2010
    • 60 Songs


    1Gypsy WomanThe Impressions
    1As Long As You Love MeThe Impressions
    2Grow Closer TogetherThe Impressions
    2Can't You SeeThe Impressions
    3Little Young LoverThe Impressions
    3Never Let Me GoThe Impressions
    4Minstrel And QueenThe Impressions
    4You've Come HomeThe Impressions
    5I'm The One Who Loves YouThe Impressions
    5I Need Your LoveThe Impressions
    6Sad Sad Girl And BoyThe Impressions
    6Twist And LimboThe Impressions
    7It's All RightThe Impressions
    7You'll Want Me BackThe Impressions
    8Talking About My BabyThe Impressions
    8Never Too Much LoveThe Impressions
    9Girl You Don't Know MeThe Impressions
    9A Woman Who Loves MeThe Impressions
    10I'm So ProudThe Impressions
    10I Made A MistakeThe Impressions
    11Keep On PushingThe Impressions
    11I Love You (Yeah)The Impressions
    12You Must Believe MeThe Impressions
    12See The Real MeThe Impressions
    13AmenThe Impressions
    13Long Long WinterThe Impressions
    14People Get ReadyThe Impressions
    14I've Been TryingThe Impressions
    15Woman's Got SoulThe Impressions
    15Get Up And MoveThe Impressions
    16Meeting Over YonderThe Impressions
    16I've Found That I've LostThe Impressions
    17I Need YouThe Impressions
    17Never Could You BeThe Impressions
    18Just One Kiss From YouThe Impressions
    18Twilight TimeThe Impressions
    19You've Been Cheatin'The Impressions
    19Man Oh ManThe Impressions
    20Since I Lost The One I LoveThe Impressions
    20Falling In Love With YouThe Impressions
    21Too SlowThe Impressions
    21No One ElseThe Impressions
    22Can't SatisfyThe Impressions
    22This Must EndCurtis Mayfield & the Impressions
    23Love's A Comin'The Impressions
    23Wade In The WaterThe Impressions
    24You Always Hurt MeThe Impressions
    24Little GirlThe Impressions
    25It's Hard To BelieveThe Impressions
    25You've Got Me Runnin'The Impressions
    26I Can't Stay Away From YouThe Impressions
    26You Ought To Be In HeavenThe Impressions
    27We're A WinnerThe Impressions
    27It's All OverThe Impressions
    28We're Rolling On (Part One)The Impressions
    28We're Rollong On (Part Two)The Impressions
    29I Loved And I LostThe Impressions
    29Up Up And AwayThe Impressions
    30Don't Cry My LoveThe Impressions
    30Sometimes I WonderThe Impressions

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