RCA Years

RCA Years

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1AnnouncementThe Kinks
1Here Comes Yet Another DayThe Kinks
1SchooldaysThe Kinks
120th Century ManThe Kinks
1Preservation (single)The Kinks
1Everybody's A Star (starmaker)The Kinks
2Maximum ConsumptionThe Kinks
2Introduction To SolutionThe Kinks
2Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia BluesThe Kinks
2Morning SongThe Kinks
2Jack The Idiot DunceThe Kinks
2Ordinary PeopleThe Kinks
3HolidayThe Kinks
3EducationThe Kinks
3DaylightThe Kinks
3Rush Hour BluesThe Kinks
3When A Solution ComesThe Kinks
3Unreal RealityThe Kinks
4Nine To FiveThe Kinks
4Skin & BoneThe Kinks
4Money TalksThe Kinks
4Sweet Lady GenevieveThe Kinks
4Hot PotatoesThe Kinks
4The First Time We Fall In LoveThe Kinks
5Sitting In My HotelThe Kinks
5AnnouncementThe Kinks
5I'm In DisgraceThe Kinks
5AlcoholThe Kinks
5When Work Is OverThe Kinks
5There's A Change In The WeatherThe Kinks
6Where Are They Now?The Kinks
6Have Another DrinkThe Kinks
6HeadmasterThe Kinks
6Shepherds Of The NationThe Kinks
6Complicated LifeThe Kinks
6MotorwayThe Kinks
7The Hard WayThe Kinks
7Scum Of The EarthThe Kinks
7Underneath The Neon SignThe Kinks
7One Of The SurvivorsThe Kinks
7You Don't Know My NameThe Kinks
7Here Come The People In GreyThe Kinks
8CricketThe Kinks
8The Last AssemblyThe Kinks
8Holiday RomanceThe Kinks
8Have A Cuppa TeaThe Kinks
8Second-hand Car SpivThe Kinks
8Supersonic Rocket ShipThe Kinks
9Holloway JailThe Kinks
9No More Looking BackThe Kinks
9You Make It All WorthwhileThe Kinks
9He's EvilThe Kinks
9Look A Little On The SunnysideThe Kinks
9Money & Corruption / I Am Your ManThe Kinks
10Ducks On The WallThe Kinks
10Oklahoma U.s.a.The Kinks
10Celluloid HeroesThe Kinks
10Mirror Of LoveThe Kinks
10FinaleThe Kinks
10Here Comes FlashThe Kinks
11Top Of The PopsThe Kinks
11Sitting In The Midday SunThe Kinks
11(a) Face In The CrowdThe Kinks
11Uncle SonThe Kinks
11AnnouncementThe Kinks
12BrainwashedThe Kinks
12DemolitionThe Kinks
12You Can't Stop The MusicThe Kinks
12Muswell HillbillyThe Kinks
12Nobody GivesThe Kinks
13Mr. WonderfulThe Kinks
13Mountain WomanThe Kinks
13Oh Where Oh Where Is Love?The Kinks
13Everybody's A Star (starmaker) (mono Mix)The Kinks
13One Of The Survivors (single Edit)The Kinks
14Flash's Dream (the Final Elbow)The Kinks
14Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia BluesThe Kinks
14Kentucky MoonThe Kinks
14Ordinary People (live)The Kinks
15HolidayThe Kinks
15Flash's ConfessionThe Kinks
15You Make It All Worthwhile (live)The Kinks
16Muswell HillbillyThe Kinks
16Nothing Lasts ForeverThe Kinks
16Underneath The Neon Sign (live)The Kinks
17AnnouncementThe Kinks
17AlcoholThe Kinks
18Banana Boat Song (trad)The Kinks
18Artificial ManThe Kinks
19Skin & BoneThe Kinks
19Scrapheap CityThe Kinks
20AnnouncementThe Kinks
20Baby FaceThe Kinks
21LolaThe Kinks
21Salvation RoadThe Kinks
22Mirror Of LoveThe Kinks
22Till The End Of The DayThe Kinks
23Slum Kids (take 1)The Kinks
23She's Bought A Hat Like Princess MarinaThe Kinks

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