The Kinks

I am the image maker. I am the magic
Maker. I can turn the most ordinary
Man in the world into a star. to prove
My point I am going to find the most

Mundane little man and turn him into
Celebrity. Hmm! this looks like a
Suitably uninteresting house. I wonder
If there's anybody here with enough
Star quality?

He presses the doorbell.

Hello. what's your name?


Oh, that's a nice name. what's your
Husband's name?


His name's norman. that sounds
Ordinary enough. I would like you to
Join in a unique experiment with me.
I am going to take norman's place for
A few days. I 'm going to research his
Ordinary dull little existence.

Oh you can't come in now! the place
Is in a terrible mess!

That doesn't matter. I want you to act
Normally. I want you to treat me as if I
Were Norman. I am going to sacrifice
My normal flamboyant life style and
Become ordinary, boring little Norman
For a few days.

Ordinary people
It's like another world, being here with you,
It's quite a trip for me, so this is reality.
I'm studying every movement, I'm trying to learn the part,
Now I want you to be natural, just relax and be as you are,
'Cause it's all for art, I want to observe the ordinary people

Tomorrow I shall become norman,
I shall go to his office,
Mix with his workmates.
And if they ask any questions

I shall say I'm doing research for one of my songs.
Norm and and I are changing places
And I'm going to make him a star,
So I'm throwing away my stage suit

Written by DAVIES
Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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