60 Greatest Film Themes

60 Greatest Film Themes

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  • 60 Greatest Film Themes


1Star Wars Theme (from Star Wars)Hollywood Studio Orchestra
2Hedwig's Theme (from Harry Potter)The Scary Gang
3Now We Are Free (from Gladiator)The Gladiators
4Chariots of Fire Theme (from Chariots of Fire)Olympia
5James Bond ThemeVarious Artists
6Any Other Name (from American Beauty)Andrew Bernstein
7Midnight Cowboy Theme (from Midnight Cowboy)Soundtrack
8Bella's Lullaby (from Twilight)Various Artists
9Moon River (from Breakfast At Tiffanys)Tiffany Quartet
10Love Theme (from Bladerunner)Scott Burns
11Speak Softly Love (from The Godfather)Various Artists
12The Marriage of Figaro - Duettino-Sull'aria (from Shawshank Redemption)Various Artists
13Cavatina (Theme from Deer Hunter)Various Artists
14Ecstasy of Gold (from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)Various Artists
15Battle Without Honour (from Kill Bill)Lightning Strikes
16The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)Various Artists
17Last Tango in Paris (from Last Tango in Paris)Raw Silk
18Windmills of your Mind (from Thomas Crown Affair)Hollywood Studio Orchestra
19Tubular Bells (from The Exorcist)Arrival
20Somewhere (from West Side Story)Antoine Coercy
21Crockett's Theme (from Miami Vice Theme)Hollywood Studio Orchestra
22Dead Already (from American Beauty)Andrew Bernstein
23Gabriel's Oboe (from The Mission)Various Artists
24The Heart Asks for Pleasure First (from The Piano)Various Artists
25The English Patient Theme (from The English Patient)Hollywood Studio Orchestra
26The Sting Theme (fromThe Sting)Various Artists
27Romeo and Juliet Theme (from Romeo and Juliet)The Lovers
28Axel F (from Beverly Hill's Cop)Various Artists
29The Magnificent Seven Theme (from The Magnificent Seven)Various Artists
30Jean De Florette (from Stella Artois advert)Various Artists
31My Heart Will Go On (from Titanic)Hollywood Studio Orchestra
32Laura's Theme (from Dr Zhivago)Hollywood Studio Orchestra
33Sarabande (from Barry Lyndon)Various Artists
34Where Do I Begin (from Love Story)Love
35Mission Impossible Theme (from Mission Impossible)Various Artists
36Out of Africa Theme (from Out of Africa)Hollywood Studio Orchestra
37Paris Texas Theme (from Paris Texas)Various Artists
38The Ipcress File Theme (from The Ipcress File)Mike Cain
39Also Sparach Zarathusa (from 2001 Space Odyssey)Various Artists
40Phantom of the Opera (from Phantom of the Opera)Various Artists
41Schindlers List Theme (from Schindlers List)Various Artists
42Somewhere Over the Rainbow (from Wizard Of Oz)Hollywood Studio Orchestra
43South American Getaway (from Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid)Various Artists
44Manhattan Theme (from Manhattan)Various Artists
45Misty (from Play Misty for Me)Jules Garner
46Braveheart Theme (from Braveheart)Ryan & Rachel O'Donnell
47Unchained Melody (from Ghost)Hollywood Studio Orchestra
48Cockeys Theme (from Once Upon a Time in America)Various Artists
49Stillness of the Mind (from A Single Man)Various Artists
50We Have All the time in the World (from On Her Majesty's Secret Service)Various Artists
51O Mio Babbino Caro (from Room With a View)Various Artists
52Dawn (from Pride and Prejudice)Various Artists
53An Ending (from Traffic)Various Artists
54Body Heat Theme (from Body Heat)Raw Silk
55Tara's Theme (from Gone With the Wind)Various Artists
56La Wally Ebben (from Diva)Various Artists
57Gollums Song (from Lord Of The Rings)Various Artists
58Midnight Express (Love Theme) [from Midnight Express]Various Artists
59I Will Always Love You (from The Bodyguard)Various Artists
60Jai Ho (from Slumdog Millionaire)Various Artists

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