Forever: The Complete Motown Albums, Volume 1

Forever: The Complete Motown Albums, Volume 1

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  • Forever: The Complete Motown Albums, Volume 1


1AngelThe Marvelettes
1Strange I KnowThe Marvelettes
1Don't Mess With BillThe Marvelettes
2I Want A GuyThe Marvelettes
2I Forgot About YouThe Marvelettes
2You're My RemedyThe Marvelettes
3Please Mr. PostmanThe Marvelettes
3Locking Up My HeartThe Marvelettes
3Locking Up My HeartThe Marvelettes
4So Long BabyThe Marvelettes
4Which Way Did He GoThe Marvelettes
4As Long As I Know He's MineThe Marvelettes
5I Know How It FeelsThe Marvelettes
5Silly BoyThe Marvelettes
5Too Many Fish In The SeaThe Marvelettes
6Way Over ThereThe Marvelettes
6It's Gonna Take A Lot Of Doing (To Undo All The Damage That You've Done)The Marvelettes
6Danger Heartbreak Dead AheadThe Marvelettes
7Happy DaysThe Marvelettes
7Smart AleckThe Marvelettes
7Please Mr. PostmanThe Marvelettes
8You Don't Want Me No MoreThe Marvelettes
8My Daddy Knows BestThe Marvelettes
8PlayboyThe Marvelettes
9All The Love I've GotThe Marvelettes
9Too Strong To Be Strung AlongThe Marvelettes
9Strange I KnowThe Marvelettes
10WhisperThe Marvelettes
10Why Must You GoThe Marvelettes
10ForeverThe Marvelettes
11Oh I ApologizeThe Marvelettes
11BeechwoodThe Marvelettes
11Twistin' PostmanThe Marvelettes
12Mashed Potato TimeThe Marvelettes
12Strange I KnowThe Marvelettes
12Beechwood 4-5789The Marvelettes
13Love LettersThe Marvelettes
13Someday SomewayThe Marvelettes
13As Long As I Know He's MineThe Marvelettes
14The One Who Really Loves YouThe Marvelettes
14Locking Up My HeartThe Marvelettes
14He Won't Be True (Little Girl Blue)The Marvelettes
15Twistin' The Night AwayThe Marvelettes
15Twistin' PostmanThe Marvelettes
15He's A Good Guy (Yes He Is)The Marvelettes
16Hey BabyThe Marvelettes
16Tossin' And Turnin'The Marvelettes
16You're My RemedyThe Marvelettes
17Twistin' PostmanThe Marvelettes
17So Long BabyThe Marvelettes
17A Little Bit Of Sympathy, A Little Bit Of LoveThe Marvelettes
18Good Luck CharmThe Marvelettes
18PlayboyThe Marvelettes
18Too Many Fish In The SeaThe Marvelettes
19Slow TwistThe Marvelettes
19Strange I KnowThe Marvelettes
19A Need For LoveThe Marvelettes
20Lover PleaseThe Marvelettes
20Medley: Please Mr. Postman/Strange I Know/Someday, SomewayThe Marvelettes
20I'll Keep Holding OnThe Marvelettes
21Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)The Marvelettes
21Tie A String Around Your FingerThe Marvelettes
21No Time For TearsThe Marvelettes
22PlayboyThe Marvelettes
22Too Hurt To Cry, Too Much In Love To Say GoodbyeThe Marvelettes
22Danger Heartbreak Dead AheadThe Marvelettes
23Mix It UpThe Marvelettes
23Come On HomeThe Darnells
23Your Cheating WaysThe Marvelettes
24Beechwood 4-5789The Marvelettes
24Finders Keepers, Losers WeepersThe Marvelettes
25I'm HookedThe Marvelettes
25Knock On My DoorThe Marvelettes
25Anything You Wanna DoThe Marvelettes
26I Think I Can Change YouThe Marvelettes
26On The Other Side Of TownThe Marvelettes
26I Should Have Known BetterThe Marvelettes
27ForeverThe Marvelettes
27Because I Love HimThe Marvelettes
27I Just Can't Let Him DownThe Marvelettes
28Someday, SomewayThe Marvelettes
28Little Girls Grow UpThe Marvelettes
28Maybe I Dried My Tears For The Last TimeThe Marvelettes
29Goddess Of LoveThe Marvelettes
30You Should KnowThe Marvelettes
31(I've Got To) Cry Over YouThe Marvelettes

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