The Complete Motown Singles, Volume 3: 1963
    • The Complete Motown Singles, Volume 3: 1963
    • Released in 2005
    • 119 Songs


    1BobbieGeorge Bohannon Quartet
    1Just Loving YouKim Weston
    1(Love Is Like A) Heat WaveMartha & the Vandellas
    1I Found A GirlThe Valadiers
    1Fingertips, Part 1Stevie Wonder
    2Fingertips, Part 2Stevie Wonder
    2Another Train ComingKim Weston
    2You'll Be Sorry SomedayThe Valadiers
    2A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Everyday)Martha Reeves & the Vandellas
    2El RigGeorge Bohannon Quartet
    3I DidPaula Greer
    3Give God A ChanceThe Gospel Stars
    3Too Hurt To Cry, Too Much In Love To Say GoodbyeThe Darnells
    3Goodbye Cruel LoveLinda Griner
    3First, You've Got To Recognize GodThe Burnadettes
    4I'm Going HomeThe Burnadettes
    4Have You Any Time For JesusThe Gospel Stars
    4Come On HomeThe Darnells
    4EnviousLinda Griner
    4Falling In Love With LovePaula Greer
    5I Want To Talk About YouPaula Greer
    5The Big WheelHoward Crockett
    5Mickey's MonkeyThe Miracles
    5Fingertips, Part 2Stevie Wonder
    5The Interview (Summit Chanted Meeting)"Jack" Haney & "Nikiter" Armstrong
    6Fingertips, Part 1Stevie Wonder
    6So In LovePaula Greer
    6That Silver Haired Daddy Of MineHoward Crockett
    6Peaceful"Jack" Haney & "Nikiter" Armstrong
    6Whatever Makes You HappyThe Miracles
    7There He GoesThe Velvelettes
    7I'm HookedBunny Paul
    7My Baby Gave Me Another ChanceAmos Milburn
    7Forget About MeCarolyn Crawford
    7Laughing BoyMary Wells
    8That's The Reason WhyThe Velvelettes
    8We're Only Young OnceBunny Paul
    8Devil In His HeartCarolyn Crawford
    8Two Wrongs Don't Make A RightMary Wells
    8I'll Make It Up To You SomehowAmos Milburn
    9Sugar Cane CurtainThe Chuck-A-Lucks
    9I Call It Pretty Music But The Old People Call It The Blues Pt. 1Stevie Wonder
    9When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His EyesThe Supremes
    9Don't Let Her Be Your BabyThe Contours
    9Going Steady AnniversaryThe Stylers
    10It Must Be LoveThe Contours
    10Pushing Up DaisiesThe Stylers
    10Dingbat DillerThe Chuck-A-Lucks
    10Standing At The Crossroads Of LoveDiana Ross & the Supremes
    10Back To School AgainThe Morrocco Muzik Makers
    11Oh FreddyRonny van Dyke
    11Ninety-Nine And A Half Won't DoThe Wright Specials
    11Pig KnucklesThe Morrocco Muzik Makers
    11It Should Have Been MeKim Weston
    11I Gotta Dance To Keep From CryingThe Miracles
    12Such Is Love, Such Is LifeSmokey Robinson & the Miracles
    12Just Be YourselfLabrenda Ben
    12Love Me All The WayKim Weston
    12I Won't Go BackThe Wright Specials
    12It Hurt Me TooRonny van Dyke
    13Pa, I Need A CarThe Contours
    13QuicksandMartha & the Vandellas
    13Locking Up My HeartThe Marvelettes
    13I Can't Help It, I Gotta DanceLabrenda Ben
    13A Love She Can Count OnThe Miracles
    14Darling, I Hum Our SongMartha Reeves & the Vandellas
    14I Can Take A HintSmokey Robinson & the Miracles
    14You Get UglyThe Contours
    14You Lost The Sweetest BoyMary Wells
    14ForeverThe Marvelettes
    15I Want A Love I Can SeeThe Temptations
    15Come And Get These MemoriesMartha & the Vandellas
    15What's Easy For Two Is So Hard For OneMary Wells
    15My Daily PrayerAmos Milburn
    15QuicksandMartha & the Vandellas
    16Jealous LoverMartha Reeves & the Vandellas
    16The Christmas SongThe Miracles
    16A Breathtaking GuyThe Supremes
    16The Further You Look, The Less You SeeThe Temptations
    16Work Out Stevie, Work OutStevie Wonder
    17Pride And JoyMarvin Gaye
    17My Heart Can't Take It No MoreThe Supremes
    17(The Man With The) Rock And Roll Banjo BandThe Supremes
    17Christmas EverydaySmokey Robinson & the Miracles
    17Monkey TalkStevie Wonder
    18One Of These DaysMarvin Gaye
    18You Bring Back MemoriesDiana Ross & the Supremes
    18What Goes Up Must Come DownHolland-Dozier
    18May What He Lived For LiveLiz Lands
    18Can I Get A WitnessMarvin Gaye
    19Late FreightDave Hamilton
    19Come On HomeHolland-Dozier
    19He's Got The Whole World In His HandsLiz Lands
    19Your Old Stand ByMary Wells
    19I'm Crazy 'Bout My BabyMarvin Gaye
    20What Love Has Joined TogetherMary Wells
    20Leaving HereEddie Holland
    20Mellow In ColiDave Hamilton
    20We Shall OvercomeLiz Lands & The Voices of Salvation
    20Who Wouldn't Love A Man Like ThatMable John
    21Trouble In This LandLiz Lands & The Voices of Salvation
    21SteviePatrice Holloway
    21Baby ShakeEddie Holland
    21Say You'll Never Let Me GoMable John
    21I'mi See You LaterJohnny Griffith Trio
    22Farewell My LoveThe Temptations
    22BrendaEddie Holland
    22I DidJohnny Griffith Trio
    22(He Is) The Boy Of My DreamsPatrice Holloway
    22As Long As I Know He's MineThe Marvelettes
    23He Won't Be True (Little Girl Blue)The Marvelettes
    23May I Have This DanceThe Temptations
    23Locking Up My HeartThe Marvelettes
    24I'm On The Outside Looking InEddie Holland
    24Why Go Out Of Your WayBilly Merritt
    24My Daddy Knows BestThe Marvelettes
    25I'll Go AnywhereBilly Merritt
    25I Couldn't Cry If I Wanted ToEddie Holland
    25Tie A String Around Your FingerThe Marvelettes

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