Headquarters Sessions [Digital Version]
    • Headquarters Sessions [Digital Version]
    • Released in 2005
    • 84 Songs


    1She's So Far Out She's In [Tracking Session Takes 1 & 2]The Monkees
    2The Girl I Knew Somewhere [First Version - Tracking Session Composite Takes 1 to 16]The Monkees
    3The Girl I Knew Somewhere [First Version - Master Backing Track, Take 22]The Monkees
    4All Of Your Toys [Rehearsal]The Monkees
    5All Of Your Toys [Tracking Session Composite Take 1 to 10]The Monkees
    6All Of Your Toys [Master Backing Track - Take 20]The Monkees
    7The Girl I Knew Somehwere [Second Version - Tracking Session Composite Featuring Track 15]The Monkees
    8The Girl I Knew Somewhere [Second Version - Tracking Overdub Session Takes 1 & 2]The Monkees
    9The Girl I Knew Somewhere [Second Version - Master Backing Track Take 13A]The Monkees
    10Seeger's Theme [Demo]The Monkees
    11Can You Dig It? [Demo]The Monkees
    12Nine Times Blue (Previously Unissued - Demo Version)The Monkees
    13Until It's Time For You to Go [Demo Vocal]The Monkees
    14She'll Be ThereThe Monkees
    15Midnight Train [Demo Version]The Monkees
    16Sunny Girlfriend [Acoustic Remix of Master Vocal]The Monkees
    17Sunny Girlfriend [Tracking Session Take 7 with Scratch Vocal]The Monkees
    18Mr. Webster [Tracking Session Take 28]The Monkees
    19Band 6 [Stereo Master]The Monkees
    20Setting Up The Studio For Randy Scouse Git [Studio Dialogue]The Monkees
    21Randy Scouse Git [Tracking Session Composite]The Monkees
    22Randy Scouse Git [Alternate Version Take 18 Vocal]The Monkees
    23You Told Me [Master Backing Track]The Monkees
    24Monkee Chat [Studio Dialogue]The Monkees
    25You Told Me [Take 15 With Rough Lead Vocal]The Monkees
    26Zilch [Peter Tork Vocal Track]The Monkees
    27Zilch [Davy Jones Vocal Track]The Monkees
    28Zilch [Micky Dolenz Vocal Track]The Monkees
    29Zilch [Michael Nesmith Vocal Track]The Monkees
    30I'll Spend My Life With You [Master Backing Track Take 9]The Monkees
    31Randy Scouse Git [Master Backing Track - Take 23]The Monkees
    32Forget That Girl [Rehearsal]The Monkees
    33Forget That Girl [Master Backing Track]The Monkees
    34Where Has It All Gone [First Version - Tracking Session Take 1]The Monkees
    35Memphis TennesseeThe Monkees
    36Twelve-String ImprovisationThe Monkees
    37Where Has It All Gone [Second Version - Master Basic Track Take 12]The Monkees
    38JerichoThe Monkees
    39Forget That Girl [Rough Backing Vocals]The Monkees
    40Peter Gunn's Gun (Previously Unissued)The Monkees
    41I Was Born in East Virginia [Informal Recording Vocal]The Monkees
    42Forget That Girl [Rejected Overdub Session Vocal]The Monkees
    43Randy Scouse Git [Alternate Mix WIth Unused Tag Vocal]The Monkees
    44Micky In Carlsbad Cavern [Studio Dialogue]The Monkees
    45Pillow Time [Take 1 Vocal]The Monkees
    46Shades Of Gray [Master Backing Track Take 98]The Monkees
    47Masking Tape [Tracking Session Composite Takes 6 To 8]The Monkees
    48You Just May Be the One [Tracking Session Composite]The Monkees
    49You Just May Be the One [Master Backing Track]The Monkees
    50No Time [First Version - Tracking Session Composite Takes 3 to 5]The Monkees
    51Blues [excerpt]The Monkees
    52I Can't Get Her Off My Mind [Master Backing Track]The Monkees
    53Banjo Jam [excerpt]The Monkees
    54Cripple CreekThe Monkees
    55Six-String ImprovisationThe Monkees
    56The Story Of Rock & Roll [First Version - Tracking Session Take 23]The Monkees
    57Early Morning Blues And Greens [Master Backing Track]The Monkees
    58Two-Part Invention in F Major [Informal Recording]The Monkees
    59The Story of Rock & Roll [Second Version - Tracking Session Take 5A]The Monkees
    60Don't Be CruelThe Monkees
    61For Pete's Sake [Master Backing Track]The Monkees
    62No Time [Second Version - Tracking Session Composite]The Monkees
    63No Time [Second Version - Master Backing Track Take 7A]The Monkees
    64Just A Game [Demo Takes 1 to 3]The Monkees
    65FeverThe Monkees
    66Sunny Girlfriend (Master Backing Track)The Monkees
    67No Time [Second Version - Master Take 7A with Backing Vocals]The Monkees
    68All Of Your ToysThe Monkees
    69The Girl I Knew SomewhereThe Monkees
    70For Pete's Sake [Closing Theme]The Monkees
    71I'll Spend My Life With YouThe Monkees
    72Forget That GirlThe Monkees
    73You Just May Be The One (TV Version)The Monkees
    74Shades Of GrayThe Monkees
    75Band 6The Monkees
    76Sunny GirlfriendThe Monkees
    77Mr. WebsterThe Monkees
    78You Told MeThe Monkees
    79The Girl I Knew Somewhere [Second Version - Mono Master]The Monkees
    80Zilch [Mono Master]The Monkees
    81Early Morning Blues and Greens [Mono Master]The Monkees
    82Randy Scouse Git [Mono Master]The Monkees
    83I Can't Get Her Off My Mind [Mono Master]The Monkees
    84No Time [Mono Master]The Monkees

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