Headquarters Sessions [Digital Version]
    • Headquarters Sessions [Digital Version]
    • Released in 2005
    • 84 Songs


    1She's So Far Out She's In [Tracking Session Takes 1 & 2]The Monkees
    2The Girl I Knew Somewhere [First Version - Tracking Session Composite Takes 1 to 16]The Monkees
    3The Girl I Knew Somewhere [First Version - Master Backing Track, Take 22]The Monkees
    4All Of Your Toys [Rehearsal]The Monkees
    5All Of Your Toys [Tracking Session Composite Take 1 to 10]The Monkees
    6All Of Your Toys [Master Backing Track - Take 20]The Monkees
    7The Girl I Knew Somehwere [Second Version - Tracking Session Composite Featuring Track 15]The Monkees
    8The Girl I Knew Somewhere [Second Version - Tracking Overdub Session Takes 1 & 2]The Monkees
    9The Girl I Knew Somewhere [Second Version - Master Backing Track Take 13A]The Monkees
    10Seeger's Theme [Demo]The Monkees
    11Can You Dig It? [Demo]The Monkees
    12Nine Times Blue (Previously Unissued - Demo Version)The Monkees
    13Until It's Time For You to Go [Demo Vocal]The Monkees
    14She'll Be ThereThe Monkees
    15Midnight Train [Demo Version]The Monkees
    16Sunny Girlfriend [Acoustic Remix of Master Vocal]The Monkees
    17Sunny Girlfriend [Tracking Session Take 7 with Scratch Vocal]The Monkees
    18Mr. Webster [Tracking Session Take 28]The Monkees
    19Band 6 [Stereo Master]The Monkees
    20Setting Up The Studio For Randy Scouse Git [Studio Dialogue]The Monkees
    21Randy Scouse Git [Tracking Session Composite]The Monkees
    22Randy Scouse Git [Alternate Version Take 18 Vocal]The Monkees
    23You Told Me [Master Backing Track]The Monkees
    24Monkee Chat [Studio Dialogue]The Monkees
    25You Told Me [Take 15 With Rough Lead Vocal]The Monkees
    26Zilch [Peter Tork Vocal Track]The Monkees
    27Zilch [Davy Jones Vocal Track]The Monkees
    28Zilch [Micky Dolenz Vocal Track]The Monkees
    29Zilch [Michael Nesmith Vocal Track]The Monkees
    30I'll Spend My Life With You [Master Backing Track Take 9]The Monkees
    31Randy Scouse Git [Master Backing Track - Take 23]The Monkees
    32Forget That Girl [Rehearsal]The Monkees
    33Forget That Girl [Master Backing Track]The Monkees
    34Where Has It All Gone [First Version - Tracking Session Take 1]The Monkees
    35Memphis TennesseeThe Monkees
    36Twelve-String ImprovisationThe Monkees
    37Where Has It All Gone [Second Version - Master Basic Track Take 12]The Monkees
    38JerichoThe Monkees
    39Forget That Girl [Rough Backing Vocals]The Monkees
    40Peter Gunn's Gun (Previously Unissued)The Monkees
    41I Was Born in East Virginia [Informal Recording Vocal]The Monkees
    42Forget That Girl [Rejected Overdub Session Vocal]The Monkees
    43Randy Scouse Git [Alternate Mix WIth Unused Tag Vocal]The Monkees
    44Micky In Carlsbad Cavern [Studio Dialogue]The Monkees
    45Pillow Time [Take 1 Vocal]The Monkees
    46Shades Of Gray [Master Backing Track Take 98]The Monkees
    47Masking Tape [Tracking Session Composite Takes 6 To 8]The Monkees
    48You Just May Be the One [Tracking Session Composite]The Monkees
    49You Just May Be the One [Master Backing Track]The Monkees
    50No Time [First Version - Tracking Session Composite Takes 3 to 5]The Monkees
    51Blues [excerpt]The Monkees
    52I Can't Get Her Off My Mind [Master Backing Track]The Monkees
    53Banjo Jam [excerpt]The Monkees
    54Cripple CreekThe Monkees
    55Six-String ImprovisationThe Monkees
    56The Story Of Rock & Roll [First Version - Tracking Session Take 23]The Monkees
    57Early Morning Blues And Greens [Master Backing Track]The Monkees
    58Two-Part Invention in F Major [Informal Recording]The Monkees
    59The Story of Rock & Roll [Second Version - Tracking Session Take 5A]The Monkees
    60Don't Be CruelThe Monkees
    61For Pete's Sake [Master Backing Track]The Monkees
    62No Time [Second Version - Tracking Session Composite]The Monkees
    63No Time [Second Version - Master Backing Track Take 7A]The Monkees
    64Just A Game [Demo Takes 1 to 3]The Monkees
    65FeverThe Monkees
    66Sunny Girlfriend (Master Backing Track)The Monkees
    67No Time [Second Version - Master Take 7A with Backing Vocals]The Monkees
    68All Of Your ToysThe Monkees
    69The Girl I Knew SomewhereThe Monkees
    70For Pete's Sake [Closing Theme]The Monkees
    71I'll Spend My Life With YouThe Monkees
    72Forget That GirlThe Monkees
    73You Just May Be The One [T.V. Version]The Monkees
    74Shades Of GrayThe Monkees
    75Band 6The Monkees
    76Sunny GirlfriendThe Monkees
    77Mr. WebsterThe Monkees
    78You Told MeThe Monkees
    79The Girl I Knew Somewhere [Second Version - Mono Master]The Monkees
    80Zilch [Mono Master]The Monkees
    81Early Morning Blues and Greens [Mono Master]The Monkees
    82Randy Scouse Git [Mono Master]The Monkees
    83I Can't Get Her Off My Mind [Mono Master]The Monkees
    84No Time [Mono Master]The Monkees

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