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1[Theme From] The MonkeesThe Monkees
2I Wanna Be Free [Fast Version]The Monkees
3Let's Dance OnThe Monkees
4Last Train To ClarksvilleThe Monkees
5Take A Giant StepThe Monkees
6All The King's HorsesThe Monkees
7Saturday's ChildThe Monkees
8Papa Gene's BluesThe Monkees
9I Wanna Be FreeThe Monkees
10Sweet Young ThingThe Monkees
11Gonna Buy Me A DogThe Monkees
12I Don't Think You Know Me [First Recorded LP Version]The Monkees
13I'm A BelieverThe Monkees
14[I'm Not Your] Steppin' Stone [Single Version]The Monkees
15SheThe Monkees
16Mary, MaryThe Monkees
17Your Auntie GrizeldaThe Monkees
18Look Out [Here Comes Tomorrow] [With Peter's Narration]The Monkees
19Of YouThe Monkees
20The Kind Of Girl I Could LoveThe Monkees
21Sometime In The MorningThe Monkees
22When Love Comes Knockin' [At Your Door]The Monkees
23[I Prithee] Do Not Ask For LoveThe Monkees
24Valleri [First Recorded Version]The Monkees
25I'll Be Back Up On My Feet [TV Version]The Monkees
26A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You (Single/Album version)The Monkees
27She Hangs Out [Single Version]The Monkees
28The Girl I Knew SomewhereThe Monkees
29All Of Your ToysThe Monkees
30Love To Love (Album Version, originally unissued)The Monkees
31You Told MeThe Monkees
32I'll Spend My Life With YouThe Monkees
33Forget That GirlThe Monkees
34You Just May Be The One [T.V. Version]The Monkees
35Shades Of GrayThe Monkees
36For Pete's Sake [Closing Theme]The Monkees
37Sunny GirlfriendThe Monkees
38No TimeThe Monkees
39Randy Scouse GitThe Monkees
40Pleasant Valley SundayThe Monkees
41WordsThe Monkees
42Daydream BelieverThe Monkees
43Goin' DownThe Monkees
44Salesman (Alternate Mix) [Previously Unissued]The Monkees
45The Door Into SummerThe Monkees
46Love Is Only SleepingThe Monkees
47Cuddly ToyThe Monkees
48What Am I Doing Hangin' 'RoundThe Monkees
49Daily NightlyThe Monkees
50Star CollectorThe Monkees
51ValleriThe Monkees
52Tapioca TundraThe Monkees
53Dream WorldThe Monkees
54Auntie's Municipal CourtThe Monkees
55P. O. Box 9847The Monkees
56Zor And ZamThe Monkees
57Carlisle Wheeling [First Recorded Version]The Monkees
58Tear The Top Right Off My HeadThe Monkees
59The Girl I Left Behind Me [First Recorded Version]The Monkees
60Nine Times BlueThe Monkees
61Come On InThe Monkees
62D.W. WashburnThe Monkees
63It's Nice To Be With YouThe Monkees
64St. MatthewThe Monkees
65Porpoise Song [Theme from "Head"] [Single Version]The Monkees
66As We Go AlongThe Monkees
67Ditty Diego-War ChantThe Monkees
68Circle Sky [Live Version]The Monkees
69Can You Dig ItThe Monkees
70Daddy's SongThe Monkees
71Do I Have To Do This All Over AgainThe Monkees
72Tear Drop CityThe Monkees
73A Man Without A DreamThe Monkees
74Through The Looking GlassThe Monkees
75I Won't Be The Same Without HerThe Monkees
76You And I [Instant Replay Album Version]The Monkees
77While I CryThe Monkees
78Shorty BlackwellThe Monkees
79If I Ever Get To Saginaw AgainThe Monkees
80SmileThe Monkees
81Listen To The Band [Single Version]The Monkees
82Someday ManThe Monkees
83Some Of Shelly's BluesThe Monkees
84Mommy And DaddyThe Monkees
85Good Clean FunThe Monkees
86Looking For The Good TimesThe Monkees
87Steam EngineThe Monkees
88I Never Thought It PeculiarThe Monkees
89Midnight TrainThe Monkees
90Oh My MyThe Monkees
91I Love You BetterThe Monkees
92Do You Feel It Too?The Monkees
93Do It In The Name Of Love [Single / Deluxe Reissue Album Version]Micky Dolenz & Peter Tork/The Monkees
94That Was Then, This Is NowMicky Dolenz & Peter Tork/The Monkees
95Heart And Soul [Single Version]The Monkees
96MGBGT [Live Version]The Monkees
97Every Step Of The Way [Single Version]The Monkees
98Oh, What A NightThe Monkees
99You And IThe Monkees

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