B.I.D. Spells Bid

B.I.D. Spells Bid

The Monochrome Set

I am true unto my name
I am free from sin and blame
I have no desire for fame
But it's Bid with a be -I-D
'cause be with a Z spells BZ

I am pure in heart and mind
I am selfless, good and kind
I am nothing, but you'll find
That it's Bid with a be -I-D
'cause be with a J spells BJ

From all pride and vain conceit
From all lying and deceit
From all spite and angry heat
Save us, Bid

I am joyous, full of mirth
I am born of noble birth
I'm meek, but for what it's worth
It's spelt Bid with a be -I-D
'cause be with a K spells BK

I am modest, I am mild
I was charming as a child
I've no taste, nor any style
But it's Bid with a be -I-d
'cause be with a why spells 'Bye'

From all sloth and idleness
From not caring for distress

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