Who's Gonna Rock You

Who's Gonna Rock You

The Nolans

Ooh tonight, I'll be holdin' you tight,
Makin' out that every thing is fine,
To the crowd we'll be laughing out loud,
But they won't know the heartache on my mind.

*I'll wear a smile and keep on dancin'
honey, when the night is over, I'll be askin',

**Who's gonna rock, gonna rock you now,
who's gonna put out your fire,

Who's gonna rock, gonna rock you now,
who's gonna fill your desire (well),

All around, movin' up, getting down,
party people freakin' in their groove,
They can't see what is happenin' to me,
Thinkin' 'bout the love I'm gonna lose

can you tell me who, who

(*repeat) darlin'
(**repeat and fade)

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