100 Greatest American TV Themes

100 Greatest American TV Themes

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  • 100 Greatest American TV Themes


1Friends – I'll Be There For YouThe Rembrandts
1Knight RiderLondon Music Works
1The Pacific - Honor (feat. James Fitzpatrick)City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
1M.A.S.H. - Suicide Is PainlessMark Ayres
2The WireLondon Music Works
2Lois And Clark: The New Adventures of SupermanCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
2The WaltonsThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
2Police SquadCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
3NYPD BlueMark Ayres
3St. ElsewhereThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
3John Adams (feat. James Fitzpatrick)City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
3Hawaii Five-0 (feat. Mike Townend)Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
4DexterLondon Music Works
4The X FilesMark Ayres
4Cagney And LaceyThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
4Land Of The GiantsCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
5DynastyCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
5Rome Main Title ThemeLondon Music Works
5The High ChaparralCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
5Melrose PlaceThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
6CSI: New York – Baba O'RileyWho's Who
6BlossomThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
6Ironside (feat. Mike Townend)Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
6Hill Street Blues - Hill Street BluesThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
7Magnum P.I. (feat. Evan Jolly)London Music Works
7Law And OrderThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
7Batman - TV Theme (feat. Evan Jolly)London Music Works
7Desperate HousewivesLondon Music Works
8Buck Rogers In The 25th CenturyThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
8Charlie Brown – Linus and LucyLondon Music Works
8Northern ExposureThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
8House M.D. (Teardrop)London Music Works
9Lost – Main ThemeCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
9Mission: Impossible (feat. Mike Townend)Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
9Twin PeaksLondon Music Works
9The Dukes of Hazard – The Good Ol' BoysVarious Artists
10Star Trek (Original series version)Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
10BaywatchThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
10The Littlest Hobo - Maybe Tomorrow (feat. Evan Jolly)Various Artists
10NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service - Main ThemeLondon Music Works
11The O.C. - CaliforniaMichigan Music Works
11Battlestar GalacticaThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
11Doogie Howser, M.D.The Daniel Caine Orchestra
11Get Smart (feat. Evan Jolly)London Music Works
12The Incredible HulkThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
12CSI: Miami – Won't Get Fooled AgainWho's Who
12I Dream Of Jeannie (feat. Evan Jolly)London Music Works
12Quantum LeapThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
13The SimpsonsCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
13Suite from 24 (feat. James Fitzpatrick)City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
13Mork And MindyThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
13Lost In SpaceCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
14Band Of Brothers - Main Theme (feat. James Fitzpatrick)City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
14Midnight CallerThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
14The Addams FamilyCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
14Taxi - Angela (Theme from Taxi)London Music Works
15Scrubs – SupermanMichigan Music Works
15RoseanneThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
15BewitchedCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
15Love Boat (feat. Evan Jolly)Various Artists
16Charlie's AngelsCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
16DallasCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
16The Man From U.N.C.L.E.The Daniel Caine Orchestra
16Six Feet UnderLondon Music Works
17The Muppet Show - Mah Na Mah Na (feat. Evan Jolly)London Music Works
17Smallville – Save MeMichigan Music Works
17The MunstersThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
17L.A. LawThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
18MacGyverThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
18The Muppet Show (feat. Evan Jolly)London Music Works
18The Jetsons - Theme & Variations (feat. Evan Jolly)London Music Works
18CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Who Are You?Who's Who
19Top Cat (feat. Evan Jolly)London Music Works
19AirwolfThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
19Starsky and HutchRichie's Funk Team
19Curb Your Enthusiasm - Frolic (feat. Evan Jolly)London Music Works
20The West Wing Main Theme (feat. James Fitzpatrick)City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
20The FlintstonesLondon Music Works
20Happy DaysMichigan Music Works
20The Cosby ShowThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
21Highway To HeavenThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
21The Andy Griffith Show (feat. Evan Jolly)London Music Works
21Sex And The CityLondon Music Works
21Little House On The PrairieThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
22The Rockford Files (feat. Evan Jolly)London Music Works
22Buffy The Vampire SlayerMichigan Music Works
22Miami Vice - Crockett's ThemeMark Ayres
22Rawhide - ThemeVarious Artists
23Wonder Woman (feat. Evan Jolly)Various Artists
23Hercules - The Legendary JourneysCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
23Murder, She WroteThe Daniel Caine Orchestra
23The Twilight ZoneCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
24Peter GunnCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
24The A-Team - Title Theme (Long Version)The Daniel Caine Orchestra
24Kojak (feat. Mike Townend)Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
24Xena: The Warrior PrincessCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
25The Young And The Restless - Nadia's ThemeCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
25Perry Mason (feat. Mike Townend)Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
25E.R.London Music Works
25Cheers - Where Everybody Knows Your Name (feat. Evan Jolly)London Music Works

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