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The Complete Box

The Complete Box

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1Kids Don't FollowThe Replacements
1Talent ShowThe Replacements
1Hold My LifeThe Replacements
1Merry Go RoundThe Replacements
1I Will DareThe Replacements
1I. O. U.The Replacements
1HootenannyThe Replacements
1Takin' A RideThe Replacements
2Fuck SchoolThe Replacements
2Back To BackThe Replacements
2Alex ChiltonThe Replacements
2Run ItThe Replacements
2Favorite ThingThe Replacements
2I'll BuyThe Replacements
2One Wink At A TimeThe Replacements
2CarelessThe Replacements
3Kiss Me On The BusThe Replacements
3I Don't KnowThe Replacements
3We'll Inherit The EarthThe Replacements
3CustomerThe Replacements
3NobodyThe Replacements
3Stuck In The MiddleThe Replacements
3We're Comin' OutThe Replacements
3Color Me ImpressedThe Replacements
4Nightclub JittersThe Replacements
4Bent Out Of ShapeThe Replacements
4Tommy Gets His Tonsils OutThe Replacements
4WillpowerThe Replacements
4Achin' To BeThe Replacements
4God Damn JobThe Replacements
4Dose Of ThunderThe Replacements
4Hangin' DowntownThe Replacements
5White And LazyThe Replacements
5They're BlindThe Replacements
5Kick Your Door DownThe Replacements
5AndrogynousThe Replacements
5Waitress In The SkyThe Replacements
5The LedgeThe Replacements
5Take Me Down To The HospitalThe Replacements
5Sadly BeautifulThe Replacements
6Anywhere's Better Than HereThe Replacements
6Never MindThe Replacements
6Dope Smokin' MoronThe Replacements
6OttoThe Replacements
6Swingin PartyThe Replacements
6Mr. WhirlyThe Replacements
6Black DiamondThe Replacements
6Someone Take The WheelThe Replacements
7ValentineThe Replacements
7Within Your ReachThe Replacements
7GoThe Replacements
7Bastards Of YoungThe Replacements
7UnsatisfiedThe Replacements
7When It BeganThe Replacements
7I Bought A HeadacheThe Replacements
7Asking Me LiesThe Replacements
8Lay It Down ClownThe Replacements
8Shooting Dirty PoolThe Replacements
8Seen Your VideoThe Replacements
8I'll Be YouThe Replacements
8RattlesnakeThe Replacements
8Gimme NoiseThe Replacements
8All Shook DownThe Replacements
8Buck HillThe Replacements
9LovelinesThe Replacements
9Red Red WineThe Replacements
9AttitudeThe Replacements
9Gary's Got A BonerThe Replacements
9I Hate MusicThe Replacements
9I Won'tThe Replacements
9Left Of The DialThe Replacements
10Sixteen BlueThe Replacements
10You LoseThe Replacements
10Little MascaraThe Replacements
10Happy TownThe Replacements
10Johnny's Gonna DieThe Replacements
10SkywayThe Replacements
10Rock 'N' Roll GhostThe Replacements
11HaydayThe Replacements
11TortureThe Replacements
11Shiftless When IdleThe Replacements
11Here Comes A RegularThe Replacements
11Darlin' OneThe Replacements
11Answering MachineThe Replacements
12My Little ProblemThe Replacements
12Treatment BoundThe Replacements
12More CigarettesThe Replacements
13Don't Ask WhyThe Replacements
13The LastThe Replacements
14Somethin To DüThe Replacements
15I'm In TroubleThe Replacements
16Love You Till FridayThe Replacements
17ShutupThe Replacements
18Raised In The CityThe Replacements

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