Anthology In Motion, Vol. 1

    Anthology In Motion, Vol. 1
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    • Anthology In Motion, Vol. 1


    1Sacred StonesThe Samples
    1Mahu Megabytes [Demo Version]The Samples
    1Last Straw 1983 Stagger Inn New Years EveThe Samples
    2Little Silver RingThe Samples
    2Radio Song (Live)The Samples
    2Falling in LoveThe Samples
    3Going Through ChangesThe Samples
    3Could It Be Another ChangeThe Samples
    3November [Demo Version]The Samples
    4Giants Without HeartsThe Samples
    4Little Silver Ring (Acoustic)The Samples
    4FacesThe Samples
    5Last SummerThe Samples
    5BlueThe Samples
    5Indiana [Live]The Samples
    6Radio SongThe Samples
    6Feel Us Shaking (Demo Version)The Samples
    6Class of 1979 [Live]The Samples
    7Birth of Words [Live]The Samples
    7NatureThe Samples
    7SeventeenThe Samples
    8Area CodeThe Samples
    8Nature (Acoustic)The Samples
    8Water Under the BridgeThe Samples
    9Streets in the Rain [Live]The Samples
    9Castle Walls [Alternate version]The Samples
    9Here And Somewhere ElseThe Samples
    10Purple Rose (Garden Ghost)The Samples
    10LullabyThe Samples
    10Ocean of WarThe Samples
    11Feel Us Shaking [Rap Version]The Samples
    11St. Mary's BellThe Samples
    11African IvoryThe Samples
    12Dreams Come TrueThe Samples
    12Here And Somewhere Else [Aternate Version]The Samples
    12Who Am I? [Live]The Samples
    13Any Other Day [Alternate Version]The Samples
    13Nature of the Beast (demo version)The Samples
    13Pioneer Square [Acoustic]The Samples
    14Lear Jet [Acoustic]The Samples
    14Lonely SoulThe Samples
    14Nothing Lasts for LongThe Samples
    15HypocriteThe Samples
    15Walking Through The Snow [Acoustic]The Samples
    15Tom JoadThe Samples
    16Return to EarthThe Samples

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