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The Complete Collection

The Complete Collection

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1Remember (Walkin' In The Sand)The Shangri-Las
2It's Easier To CryThe Shangri-Las
3Leader Of The PackThe Shangri-Las
4What Is LoveThe Shangri-Las
5Give Him A Great Big KissThe Shangri-Las
6Out In The StreetsThe Shangri-Las
7The BoyThe Shangri-Las
8Give Us Your BlessingsThe Shangri-Las
9Heaven Only KnowsThe Shangri-Las
10Right Now And Not LaterThe Shangri-Las
11The Train From Kansas CityThe Shangri-Las
12Never AgainThe Shangri-Las
13I'm BlueThe Shangri-Las
14What's A Girl Supposed To DoThe Shangri-Las
15The Dum Dum DittyThe Shangri-Las
16You Cheated, You LiedThe Shangri-Las
17I Can Never Go Home AnymoreThe Shangri-Las
18Bull DogThe Shangri-Las
19Long Live Our LoveThe Shangri-Las
20Sophisticated Boom BoomThe Shangri-Las
21He CriedThe Shangri-Las
22Dressed In BlackThe Shangri-Las
23Past, Present And FutureThe Shangri-Las
24Love You More Than YesterdayThe Shangri-Las
25ParadiseThe Shangri-Las
26Give Him A Great Big Kiss (Alternate Version)The Shangri-Las
27Simon Says (Live)The Shangri-Las
28Simon Speaks (Live)The Shangri-Las
29MaybeThe Shangri-Las
30The Sweet Sounds Of SummerThe Shangri-Las
31I'll Never LearnThe Shangri-Las
32Take The TimeThe Shangri-Las
33Footsteps On The RoofThe Shangri-Las
34Shout (Live)The Shangri-Las
35So Much LoveThe Shangri-Las
36Good Night My LoveThe Shangri-Las
37You Can't Sit Down (Live)The Shangri-Las
38It's Easier To CryThe Shangri-Las
39Wishing WellThe Shangri-Las
40Hate To Say I Told You SoThe Shangri-Las
41Revlon: How Pretty Can You Get?The Shangri-Las
42Revlon: Natural WonderThe Shangri-Las
43Good Taste Tip: Gift ReceivingThe Shangri-Las
44Good Taste Tip: Dating CourtesyThe Shangri-Las

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