• Cut
    • Released in 2010
    • 40 Songs


    1Instant HitThe Slits
    1I Heard It Through The GrapevineThe Slits
    2So ToughThe Slits
    2Instant HitThe Slits
    3Spend, Spend, SpendThe Slits
    3Spend, Spend, SpendThe Slits
    4ShopliftingThe Slits
    4NewtownThe Slits
    5FmThe Slits
    5Adventures Close To HomeThe Slits
    6NewtownThe Slits
    6Instant HitThe Slits
    7Ping Pong AffairThe Slits
    7So ToughThe Slits
    8Love Und RomanceThe Slits
    8Spend, Spend, SpendThe Slits
    9Typical GirlsThe Slits
    9ShopliftingThe Slits
    10Adventures Close To HomeThe Slits
    10FMThe Slits
    11I Heard It Through The GrapevineThe Slits
    11NewtownThe Slits
    12Liebe And RomanzeThe Slits
    12Ping Pong AffairThe Slits
    13Typical GirlsThe Slits
    13Love Und RomanceThe Slits
    14Love And RomanceThe Slits
    14Typical GirlsThe Slits
    15VindictiveThe Slits
    15Adventures Close To HomeThe Slits
    16NewtownThe Slits
    16So ToughThe Slits
    17ShopliftingThe Slits
    17Instant HitThe Slits
    18So ToughThe Slits
    18Typical GirlsThe Slits
    19Instant HitThe Slits
    19Spend, Spend, SpendThe Slits
    20FMThe Slits
    20In The Beginning, There Was RhythmThe Slits

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