The Old Testament (UA Studio Recs 77-82)

The Old Testament (UA Studio Recs 77-82)

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  • The Old Testament (UA Studio Recs 77-82)


1Two SunspotsThe Stranglers
1LongshipsThe Stranglers
1SometimesThe Stranglers
1Peaches (Radio Edit)The Stranglers
1Peasant in the Big ShittyThe Stranglers
2Burning Up TimeThe Stranglers
2The RavenThe Stranglers
2Mony MonyThe Stranglers
2Four HorsemenThe Stranglers
2Goodbye ToulouseThe Stranglers
3Dead Loss AngelesThe Stranglers
3London LadyThe Stranglers
3English TownsThe Stranglers
3Mean to MeThe Stranglers
3Thrown AwayThe Stranglers
4Princess of the StreetsThe Stranglers
4School MamThe Stranglers
4No More Heroes (Radio Edit)The Stranglers
4Manna MachineThe Stranglers
4IceThe Stranglers
5Hanging AroundThe Stranglers
5Straighten OutThe Stranglers
5Walk On By (Radio Edit)The Stranglers
5Baroque BordelloThe Stranglers
5Hallow to Our MenThe Stranglers
6SverigeThe Stranglers
6Nuclear Device (The Wizard of Aus)The Stranglers
65 MinutesThe Stranglers
6Top SecretThe Stranglers
6PeachesThe Stranglers
7Shah Shah a Go GoThe Stranglers
7Rok It to the MoonThe Stranglers
7(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)The Stranglers
7N'Emmenes Pas HarryThe Stranglers
7Man in WhiteThe Stranglers
8TankThe Stranglers
8UglyThe Stranglers
8Don't Bring HarryThe Stranglers
8Bear Cage (12'' Extended Mix)The Stranglers
8Non StopThe Stranglers
9Down in the Sewer (Medley)The Stranglers
9Shah Shah a Go Go (12'' Version)The Stranglers
9Nice N' SleazyThe Stranglers
9Everybody Loves You When You're DeadThe Stranglers
9DuchessThe Stranglers
10Outside TokyoThe Stranglers
10TrampThe Stranglers
10Choosey SusieThe Stranglers
10The Meninblack (Waiting for 'Em)The Stranglers
10The Meninblack (Waiting for 'Em) (Instrumental)The Stranglers
11Sweden (All Quiet On the Eastern Front)The Stranglers
11Let Me Introduce You to the FamilyThe Stranglers
11Go Buddy GoThe Stranglers
11La Folie (Radio Edit)The Stranglers
11GenetixThe Stranglers
12I Feel Like a WogThe Stranglers
12Fools Rush OutThe Stranglers
12Ain't Nothin' to ItThe Stranglers
12Hey! (Rise of the Robots)The Stranglers
12Peasant in the Big Shitty (Live at The Nashville '76)The Stranglers
13Tits (Live at The Hope And Anchor)The Stranglers
13BitchingThe Stranglers
13Toiler On the SeaThe Stranglers
13Yellowcake UF6The Stranglers
13The Man They Love to HateThe Stranglers
14In the Shadows (Live at The Hope And Anchor) (Edit)The Stranglers
14Pin UpThe Stranglers
14VietnamericaThe Stranglers
14CurfewThe Stranglers
14Dead RingerThe Stranglers
15Dagenham DaveThe Stranglers
15ThreatenedThe Stranglers
15It Only Takes Two to TangoThe Stranglers
15(Get A) Grip (On Yourself) [Grip '89 Remix]The Stranglers
15Bear CageThe Stranglers
16In the ShadowsThe Stranglers
16Golden BrownThe Stranglers
16Bring On the NubilesThe Stranglers
16Who Wants the WorldThe Stranglers
17Do You WannaThe Stranglers
17WaltzinblackThe Stranglers
17How to Find True Love and Happiness in the Present DayThe Stranglers
17Something Better ChangeThe Stranglers
18No More HeroesThe Stranglers
18Just Like Nothing On EarthThe Stranglers
18La FolieThe Stranglers
18Death and Night and Blood (Yukio)The Stranglers
19Second ComingThe Stranglers
19Enough TimeThe Stranglers
19Love 30The Stranglers
20Strange Little GirlThe Stranglers
20Shut UpThe Stranglers
20Waiting for the MeninblackThe Stranglers
21Turn the Centuries TurnThe Stranglers
21Walk On ByThe Stranglers
21Cruel GardenThe Stranglers
22Mean to MeThe Stranglers
23Old CodgerThe Stranglers

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