TV Themes Of The '50s & '60s
    • TV Themes Of The '50s & '60s
    • Released in 2009
    • 59 Songs


    1Astro BoySoundtrack
    2Roger RamjetSoundtrack
    3The Mighty HerculesSoundtrack
    4The Gumby ShowSoundtrack
    5The Beany & Cecil ShowSoundtrack
    6Tennesee TuxedoSoundtrack
    7Quick Draw McGrawSoundtrack
    8Wally GatorSoundtrack
    9King Leonardo & His Short SubjectsSoundtrack
    10The Big World Of Little AdamSoundtrack
    11Kukla, Fran And Ollie (Here We Are, Hop, Hop, Hop)Soundtrack
    12The Soupy Sales ShowSoundtrack
    13Captain MidnightSoundtrack
    14Make Room For Daddy (Danny Boy)Soundtrack
    15Father Knows BestSoundtrack
    16My Little MargieSoundtrack
    17The Adventures Of Ozzie And HarrietSoundtrack
    19Our Miss Brooks (Whistling Bells)Soundtrack
    20The Real McCoysSoundtrack
    21Davy Crockett, King Of The Wild Frontier (The Ballad Of Davy Crockett)Soundtrack
    22The Life And Legend Of Wyatt EarpSoundtrack
    23Gunsmoke (The Old Trail)Soundtrack
    24The LawmanSoundtrack
    2526 MenSoundtrack
    26Colt 45Soundtrack
    29The Legend Of Jesse JamesSoundtrack
    30Hopalong Cassidy (Hopalong Cassidy March)Soundtrack
    31The EvergladesSoundtrack
    32Adventures In ParadiseSoundtrack
    33Victory At Sea (Song Of The High Seas)Soundtrack
    34Dr. Kildare (Three Stars Will Shine Tonight)Soundtrack
    36Burke's LawSoundtrack
    37Highway PatrolSoundtrack
    38The DetectivesSoundtrack
    39The UntouchablesSoundtrack
    40The FugitiveSoundtrack
    43Mr LuckySoundtrack
    44Bourbon Street BeatSoundtrack
    45Pete Kelly's BluesSoundtrack
    46Johnny StaccatoSoundtrack
    47Naked City (Somewhere in the Night)Soundtrack
    48The Twenty-First CenturySoundtrack
    49The French ChefSoundtrack
    50Candid CameraSoundtrack
    51You Bet Your Life (Hooray for Captain Spaulding)Soundtrack
    52Amos N' Andy (Angel's Serenade)Soundtrack
    53The Abbott And Costello ShowSoundtrack
    54Laurel And Hardy Laughtoons (Kooky Koo-Koo)Soundtrack
    55The Lawrence Welk Show (Bubbles In The Wine)Soundtrack
    56Ted Mack's Original Amateur HourSoundtrack
    57Miss America Pageant (There She Is, Miss America)Soundtrack
    58The Red Skelton Show (Holiday For Strings)Soundtrack
    59The Bob Hope Show (Thanks For The Memories)Soundtrack

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